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760i random shutdowns


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Hi all,

I just posted a video on Youtube to show what happens with my AX760i



I've read a lot of threads with the same issue, but to follow rules I'll create my own.


To give a bit more intel here because the video is not self explanatory...


This is the second system I've put this psu in, and the same problem appears.

The pc can power up and run normally for some variable time. But never more then say an hour.

Then it shuts down and the psu's light is red.

It happens during gaming, after gaming, while idling, anytime. Randomly.


I then have to flip the switch on the psu. Wait a bit. Switch it back on.

Then sometimes the pc will reboot normally, sometimes it goes into the process you see on the end of the video : on, off, on off. Endlessly.

You can definitely hear it is the psu switching (the system) off.


The monitored temps are simply perfect. Never even touching max temps for cpu, gpu or mobo.


i've checked the cables for thightness, right position, loose pins (wiggeling every single pin on both ends ;)), bending, anything... Unplugged, replugged.

Sometimes it gave me the feeling this had helped, but no.


If I change the PSU for a 600M or a G360, the problem leaves instantly ;-)

Not ONE single shutdown in weeks of use of both systems.


It could not be a component : two totally different systems, same problem

1st sys : Maximus VI Impact, 4970K, H100i and gtx670dcuII, ssd. Corsair T380

2nd sys : Z97i plus, G3258 (non o/c) H80i, HD6770, ssd. 250D


Can you guys at Corsair tell me if there is something particularly sensitive in this psu regarding voltages which triggers a shutdown?

Can it be deactivated?


Thank you all in advance for your advice!



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Yes the UPS is properly grounded. The problem isn't there.

And if I put the PSU in another Pc, the problem occurs in that other one.

I've done a test this WE : I've done the paperclip test with only a couple of fans hooked.

And I've put the psu with the fan side down (trying to get it hot). It ran for 24 hours without shutting down.

Then I've hooked it to a light system and let it idle (but not sleep) for 24 hours, and again no problem.

Then I launch a light game. And after 15 minutes of gaming, everything is fine.

I quit the game, get back to the desktop, launch an internet page and BAM, system shuts down.

There is no vibration, no change to cabling, no stress on the cables, nothing that could explain this. It could not be the power draw either, as a 1150 Pentium G and a Z87 mini itx mobo cannot draw any power to even get this psu to sweat.

Again, if I put anoter psu back, I never have the problem in any circumstances.

Please help me, I'm out of ideas..

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