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  1. Yup, you are correct. The 8-pin ports on the CXM PSU can be shared with the PCIe and EPS12V modular cable.
  2. Yes, you certainly can. Visit our Cable Compatibility page here for more info.
  3. The T1 RACE chairs from Amazon or any other retailers that carry our T1 RACE should have the improved casters/wheels. In the event that yours does not (falls under lot code 1715), submit a ticket through our support site and we'll definitely sort it out for you.
  4. If you haven't yet, I highly suggest visiting here and watching [ame=https://youtu.be/uVbT8yA2h4I]this[/ame].
  5. Your H110i GTX includes the long screws you need to fasten the ML fans onto the radiator.
  6. Yes, the Commander PRO has two LED channels, similar to the Lighting Node PRO. Connecting the SP120 RGB fans into the Commander PRO will allow you to control your fan speeds and RGB lighting through our LINK software. Commander PRO -> RGB Fan hub (included with your SP120 RGB triple pack) -> SP120 RGB fans
  7. Sorry for the bump but if there are any newcomers, you can try Star Citizen for free until 4/22/16.
  8. Not at the moment but thank you for your feedback, shinjorai.
  9. Please install our Corsair Utility Engine to enable/disable the surround sound feature. Here's A Deeper Look into the VOID.
  10. And here I thought consumables such as sodas and waters are for the civilians. I should've read more about their buffs: Water: When consumed, water increases all damage dealt to elite enemies by 20%. The effect lasts 30 seconds. -_-
  11. Have you tried World of Warplanes or Warthunder?
  12. Currently playing: Planetbase - filler game until WoW and The Division On hold: World of Warcraft - waiting on Legion Final Fantasy XIV - indefinitely; long story... World of Tanks World of Ships Will play: The Division - soon. played beta and was amazed
  13. Regretfully, our Hydro coolers do not support the narrow ILM LGA 2011/2011-3 sockets. http://blog.servergid.ru/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Independent_Loading_Mechanism.png
  14. Our 800D was disco'd a long time ago. No more parts I'm afraid.
  15. Yea, this is a little outdated but Dustin wrote this blog recently which includes our newest coolers.
  16. I can only officially state that our Lighting node or Commander Mini will only work with our RGB LED strips. No, the H100i LED can be controlled separately through the Link software WITHOUT the Commander Mini.
  17. We've received calls/tickets about an "incorrect" fan cable supplied with the H80i/H100i. The Y-splitter cable shipped with the H80i/H100i/H110i GT has two plastic tabs covering the 4-pin male connector. This is to protect the pins from being bent during shipping and to avoid any unwanted grounding/short problem if the cable is not used while connected to the pump.
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