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Need help with Macros


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I recently got a new Corsair mouse and a (non-Corsair) keyboard. The keyboard has the ability to change color by holding "Fn" and pressing certain num-pad buttons. I wanted to set it so my Corsair mouse has a macro to change colors on my keyboard, but I can't seem to use the Fn button while creating a macro. Is there anyway I can create a macro with the Fn button?


Sorry if this doesn't make sense, but essentially I want to have a macro that presses and hold "Fn"


Thanks :biggrin:

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Currently CUE does not have an option to register the FN key in a macro, I just tested it on my Strafe RGB and it didn't record it.


I believe it has been already requested to be able to use that button in a macro, hopefully they address this in a future version, maybe even in the major CUE 2.0 overhaul.

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