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bitstream 02-06-2017 08:33 AM

Help with remap and macro
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Hello there,
First, someone please explain how remap works.

Actions -> Create Action - > Remap Key and I see this:

Probably I'm stupid but to be honest I don't get it. How is it actually remap anyting if the only option is to pick one key?
I want to remap A to B (simple example). How to do that?

And for the macro question, is it possible to have it like that?
Press F1 - > will actually press E and hold it until F1 is pressed again.

GumbyDammit223 02-06-2017 10:37 AM

It simply means you can make any key act like any other key. Using this feature on a regular keyboard like a K70 really has no value, IMHO. Its power comes if you have a keyboard with the extra G-keys or the Scimitar mouse. I have a Scimitar and it's extremely useful to program the twelve buttons to mimic other keypresses. For example, I play WoW and I've remapped one of the Scimitar buttons to act like the <TAB> key. This way I can keep my left hand poised on the buttons I use to cast my most used spells while my right thumb can hit the remapped Scimitar button to tab over to other targets.

Hope this helps!

PS - sorry no clue on macros as I don't use them

bitstream 02-06-2017 11:19 AM

Thanks for your answer but it doesn't help me.

I own a Strafe and I just need a straight answer on how to remap one key with another.

Comet ☄ 02-06-2017 02:06 PM

How to remap A to B (simple example)
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Hi bitstream,
How is it actually remap anyting if the only option is to pick one key?
I want to remap A to B (simple example). How to do that?
For keyboards that use the remapping function, your picture shows the right track.
  1. In the action editor, one would create a new action by selecting the "+" menu choice.
  2. Choose the "Remap Key" submenu.
  3. Use primary (left) mouse button to click on the key in the keyboard you wish to remap (i.e. the "A" key). A small triangle will appear on the keycap image within CUE.
  4. Use primary (left) mouse button to click on the radio button near the letter ("B") to which you desire the key ("A") to be be remapped.

The purpose of remapping a key is to make one keypress act like another keypress, which is why each action takes one and only one (source) key and one and only one (remapped as) key as destination. After remapping, pressing the source key will, for your programs, act just as if you had pressed the remapped key instead.

Be sure to create a new action for each key, or otherwise leave this area of CUE so that when you press keys you will not affect the just-programmed remapping; there is no "save" button as the remapping action is implicitly set to be however the most recent modification was determined, and typing on your keyboard may inadvertently change this mapping.

When remapping keys, the original function of the key is no longer activated by the key. So if you want to be able to type the letter "a" after you have remapped the "a" key to be the letter "b", you need to program a planned way to send the "a" character, either by switching to a different profile or by remapping a different key to the "a" function.

For all intents and purposes, any program using the profile which remaps "A" to "B" will act as though the "B" key is pressed whenever you press the "A" key. If this is useful for a game, then creating a separate profile and associating it with the game program will allow the key remapping to occur just for that associated file (e.g. game.exe). That way, when you use a different program (e.g. notepad), you will be able to use the "A" key to type the letter "A". Note that any program not associated with a profile uses the leftmost profile in CUE; this position determines the default profile.

The purpose of remapping is that it can be used to virtually move keys around on your keyboard to places you may find more convenient. Like maybe you find you need to press the "B" key frequently and never need to press the "A" key, and you want the function of the "B" key to occur in the location where the "A" key is.

Comet ☄ 02-06-2017 02:41 PM

Press F1 - > will actually press E and hold it until F1 is pressed again.
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To enable the desired functionality, "Press F1 - > will actually press E and hold it until F1 is pressed again," you can do the following steps.
  1. Remap key F1 to E. (See my previous message in this thread for details on key remapping.)
  2. Ensure the checkbox next to "Imitate holding key" is checked.
  3. Ensure that "Toggle" is chosen in the "Action trigger" dropdown.

Note that you do not need to use the "macro" functionality of CUE to enable this behavior. If you would like additional information about using the macro feature, then start a new thread that explains what you are trying to do. For this thread, both of your questions are answered using the functionality of key remapping, so it may be a bit confusing to talk about using the macro feature here when it is not the best solution for accomplishing your goals.

bitstream 02-06-2017 05:30 PM

Comet, you are my hero.

Probably you think I'm stupid for not seeing the obvious.
But I never think of using the keyboard 'image' above the whole actions menu. I thought it was there just for show I think.
Now that you said to mouse click the key it all make sense.

I was actually struggling and googling for 30 minutes before posting this and if you consider that the keyboard image wasn't an option for me it's obvious why I missed the first step, assigning the key that needs to be remapped.

Again, thank you for such a detail explanation.

Comet ☄ 02-10-2017 09:13 PM

You are very welcome, bitstream, and I do not think you stupid for not figuring out the keyboard image was where to click. It was not obvious to me, either. I am glad you appreciate the detailed explanation--I take pains to be clear, and it is good to know that I've succeeded; when I am misunderstood, feedback is also useful, as it helps me to figure how to be better, but few people take the time to say "thanks", so I appreciate it, and am pleased you found the image to be useful.

poppi5451 08-13-2018 07:05 PM

Question On Function Keys
Hi, I have a K70 LUX and want to launch an application using the Function Keys. Could you help me with this? Thanks.

poppi5451 08-13-2018 07:44 PM

Found answer
I found the answer I needed while reading your other answer. I was trying to do something that was not meant for remapping. I used launch and everything is fine. Thanks. Your explanation provided me with what I needed.

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