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  1. Hello: I just enrolled in Qobuz and am using their player software on a Win7 machine. The media keys on my K70 RGB do not work here. They work fine with foobar2000. I remember way back when in the CUE 1.x days you could add different player programs to a list in CUE to allow functionality. Now, I can't find that list. I just installed icue from CUE 2.24 thinking something might be amiss, but I still don't see that list. Any suggestions? Thx!
  2. I'm still using CUE 2.24 and not planning on changing anytime soon, but I have a similar problem. CUE works fine with the current version of WoW, but it doesn't recognize when I play Vanilla WoW. Both profiles are pointing to the same-named executable (in different directories), but Vanilla isn't recognized. Granted, I haven't spent much time tracking this down, but I wanted to throw my experience into the ring. Will be watching this to see if there is any resolution.
  3. I don't think the problem lies with CUE, but with Windoze. It happens roughly a couple times every week where I turn my computer on after getting home from work. It starts powering up and both the K70 and Scimitar light up. They stay lit until Windoze begins to boot and all the drivers start being loaded. Then, the Scimitar goes dark. I have to reboot via keyboard commands and hope that it starts up next time. It seems to be more problematic after the computer phones home and does an update. I have a UPS on my system that I monitor via an external USB 3 bus and that occasionally doesn't connect right away either. Don't understand why this stupid OS has to be so random. It has a list of commands it's supposed to execute. Execute them in the same order and be done with it! Sorry I can't be of any help, but rest assured - misery loves company! :sigh!:
  4. Thanks for the info. Oh well, guess I can't have everything. :\ My screensaver profile is a rainbow pulse that sweeps across the keyboard. Looks pretty awesome with a darkened monitor in a darkened room IMHO. ;)
  5. I have a screensaver profile that correctly activates when my Win7 screensaver starts. However, I have just found out that if I enable the setting which requires my password to unlock the screen, CUE immediately shifts to the profile stored on my K70 keyboard when the screensaver starts. Again, CUE shifts correctly if a password is not required, but jumps to the onboard profile if it is required. I have my power settings set to turn the monitor off after an hour, so that's not coming into play. Anybody have an explanation for this difference in behavior? Thanks!
  6. I might have found the problem...a video card setting. I had been running with Ultra video settings in WoW and the framerates I was seeing were 100-150+ fps...yet my monitor only runs at 60 Hz(fps). One of the video settings in WoW syncs the card's framerate to the monitor. After doing that, the framerate in-game is always right around 60 Hz...with no issues of CUE crashing or other weird behavior. We'll see...
  7. Well, nothing is ever easy. At this point in space-time it seems like I'm having problems in WoW when I'm only in one area - Halfhill. If you're not familiar with the game, it's an area where each player is phased so that they cannot see or interact with other players. This area has always been "strange" and maybe the system is reacting badly to it. It's still early in the investigation and a LOT more data needs to be gathered. I have to admit when things are working, this card is amazing! I have the graphics detail cranked up to Ultra and granted, I only have a single monitor 1920x1080 monitor, but man, I'm seeing ****** I never knew existed! I hope the card isn't the issue, because I can tell I'll be going through some serious withdrawal if I have to put the original card back in and send this one back. Have a Merry Christmas as well and Happy New Year's!
  8. I kind of already had to do most of that last night. When I went from 21 to 19 all my profiles were gone and had to re-import them. AND CUE 19 crashed on me as well. A couple days ago I had upgraded my computer's power supply to a 750W version and replaced the stock 3-year old Dell nvidia graphics card with an EVGA GTX 1080 FTW. I'm beginning to suspect a problem with this new graphics card...sigh.
  9. Crashed hard this time forcing me to reboot because it was acting like the tab key was stuck and racing through every available window's buttons. No entries in the log either from what I provided above. This log activity is strange because I had restarted CUE after the above entry, went back into WoW and was playing before it crashed this last time. The only newer entry is what was generated after rebooting. Going to downgrade to 2.19.65.
  10. Update: CUE crashed right in the middle of WoW. The attachment is an excerpt from the log. The last line "2017-12-23T19:48:43" is right before the crash and the others were while WoW was running. log excerpt.txt
  11. Ok. The labels e.g. "G12 --> keypad 0" really are just labels and arbitrary and the radio buttons really control the action. Just verified that. The strange thing is that all the labels shown in my screenshot were generated by CUE when I originally set up the mapping, so I assumed the text would change whenever a different radio button was clicked. Maybe it's a set once sort of setup within CUE or maybe it really is broken? Anyway, thanks for reminding me where the functionality really lies...now to figure out why it crashes some times with WoW...
  12. Currently trying to run 2.21.67. Both this version and 2.20.72 occasionally crash when I start World of Warcraft. Not every time. Just enough to be annoying. It does NOT seem to happen with 2.19.65. The last time it happened, I checked the most current log file and no entries within that timeframe. Continuing to run 2.21.67 and will be monitoring log. I've also noticed that configuring the side buttons on my Scimitar doesn't seem to work like it should. If I open the configuration screen and want to configure, say my "12" button to be a press of the keypad "3", I go and dutifully make the appropriate selections as shown in the attached screenshot. Nothing happens. It does not change the current action of pressing the keypad "0". I have to manually enter "G12-->keypad3" in order for the action to be registered. I don't know how long this behavior has been happening, since I have not needed to edit my settings for many months now.
  13. When you select your WoW profile in CUE, you can edit the profile to link it to a program. I've modified my default profile to one that has the WASD keys backlighted in red and linked it to wow.exe (I think that's the name of it - I'm on my work computer now so can't say for certain what it is). However, once you enter the executable's name in the "Link profile to program" window, CUE will load that profile when WoW is running and then pop back to your default program when you alt-tab out or quit. If needed, I can upload a screenshot of my setup tonight when I get home. With regard to key binding, I have a Scimitar too and make use of the keybindings immensely in WoW. You just need to make sure you bind the mouse keys to the appropriate keys on the keyboard and then do the same in WoW. Again not too difficult, just need to make sure they've been linked to the same keys! :)
  14. With a given profile selected, you should see a vertical group of icons that allows you to specify a certain action for that profile. The first icon up from the trashcan allows you to save a static profile to the keyboard. Then, when CUE isn't running, that will be the lighting profile being used. See attached screenshot.
  15. This morning, my monitor was off and my Mystify CUE profile was running. Last night I left CUE open to tell which profile was active. I nudged the mouse and the monitor turned on. The keyboard was still in Mystify. CUE showed both the K70 and Scimitar, so it recognized both devices. It also showed that the Mystify profile was active. A mouse click later, both CUE and the K70 jumped to my Default profile. Ok, there seems to be a disconnect between the computer and CUE when coming out of screensaver. I'm sure this is tied to why Mystify is running at all at this point when Default should be running when "sleep" mode has engaged. Guess the next step is to prevent the monitor from even turning off at all and see what happens.
  16. No. Regardless of what others say about it not working for them, my screensaver profile is linked to mystify.scr and works exactly the way I want it to. The actions I have been describing are anomalous to what has been normal operating since CUE 2 has come out (actually even before that). I am trying to describe the behavior as clearly as I can to a community to see if anyone has had a similar experience. Thank you for your suggestions but they do not work for me. I've tried something similarly on my work computer that has a K70 RGB as well, but it doesn't behave the way I want it to. The network policies at work are such that I can't change certain things (like the screensaver) so the personalization I want to impose on my work computer doesn't do what I want.
  17. ANY USB power saving mode that can be changed has been disabled months ago, if not longer. Also, the point is not that a CUE profile doesn't work. It's that the screensaver profile does not swap back to non-screensaver mode when the system has clearly woken back up. My screensaver profile is clearly still running when my monitor has powered back up. My computer can run in three different modes when turned on: Normal (default) - everything is operating regularly and my "default" profile is enabled - zone keyboard lighting, varying color cycles on Scimitar; Screensaver - "Mystify" screensaver is enabled after 3 minutes of activity; "mystify" profile is enabled which is a slow color wave across the keyboard and all lights on the mouse are disabled with the exception of a slow color gradient in the scroll wheel; Sleep mode - high performance power plan where only the display is turned off after 4 hours and the computer is never put to sleep. Before, whenever the computer was in screensaver mode, any keypress or nudge of the mouse would bring it completely out of screensaver mode. In the morning when the computer was in sleep mode, the monitor would be off but the keyboard and mouse were in their default profile. Currently, and I need to verify this, if the computer has been in screensaver mode for a "long" time, possibly still under the 4-hour trip point for sleep mode, the keyboard and mouse screensaver profile is active and the monitor running Mystify, nudging the mouse or hitting a key on the keyboard will wake the monitor but not kick the screensaver profile off. The default profile will only re-engage if I take a second action, like click a mouse button if I hit a key, or hit a key if I nudged the mouse. These conditions are fuzzy because I am only paying attention to the current state, not how to change it. I need to pay more attention to that in the future. Both keyboard and mouse show up in CUE after the monitor has turned back on if CUE is left open beforehand. I just don't know what CUE claims is the currently active profile.
  18. Sorry, not sure I understand what you're saying here.
  19. Last night I left CUE open on the desktop with everything else closed and went to bed. This morning I noticed that my screensaver profile was running. Typically after a couple hours, the computer goes into "power savings" mode where the monitor goes dark and the keyboard goes into its static profile that is saved in flash. Not this morning though. The system was slow coming out of screensaver mode. I could move the mouse to wake up the screen and see that both the K70 and the Scimitar were shown in CUE while the screensaver profile was running on the keyboard. I did NOT think to look to see what CUE said was the active profile. When I hit a key on the keyboard, it popped into its default profile.
  20. Will give it a shot tonight and see what happens!
  21. Not sure?? Do this by keeping CUE open? I made sure the computer cannot cannot disable power to any of the USB hubs and selective suspend is disabled.
  22. Nothing. The desktop is clear of open windows, just as it was left. Cannot say if any shortcuts on the desktop have been selected.
  23. Over the past couple of days I've been noticing CUE doesn't immediately come out of screensaver mode when the rest of the computer has already done so. I effectively have two different profiles - my normal one and a color wave that kicks in when my screensaver is activated. The keyboard is a K70 RGB and the mouse is a Scimitar. I'm running CUE v2.14.67. If the screensaver has been active for just a few minutes, a slight nudge of the mouse will shut off the screensaver and the keyboard and mouse revert to their normal profiles. If screensaver mode has been on "longer", I can move the mouse and the monitor goes back to its regular display, but neither the keyboard or the mouse will go back to normal coloring until I actually hit a key. Don't recall if clicking a mouse button will do the same thing as a keypress. Was wondering if anybody has noticed similar behavior on their systems. Thx.
  24. Well, that trick did nothing. Came out of screensaver with a scrambled profile order. :sigh!: ...just exactly like before.
  25. I just tried renaming all of my profiles to n - originalprofilename where in my case n=1-5. I'm doing this because then the profiles get scrambled, they're in semi-alphabetical order. This way, hopefully the numbers will force the profile order.
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