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  1. If you haven't already, please open a ticket with our support here, they will look into this and take care of you.
  2. Sorry to hear you're experiencing this issue, Hussi. After you've updated your headset to firmware 3.0.3, the freezing issue should no longer occur.
  3. After revisiting your original question, I've made a correction to my previous statement. It's also worth noting that the HS75's game/chat balance only works on Xbox. As for the initial volume being extremely loud upon every boot - that is not normal. When used with Windows via Microsoft Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10, it would seem my initial volume is ~50% of maximum upon every boot. I suggest forcing a firmware update via iCUE - the option is given via the vertical "..." after checking for update.
  4. Hi Raijin, This keyboard is not currently available in France/AZERTY layout.
  5. I suggest trying a clean installation of iCUE. I would also recommend exporting any valuable profiles before performing a clean installation.
  6. Hi XavFred, What is the current firmware versions of your VIRTUOSO and its receiver?
  7. Hi JensVial, This is normal behavior as this is due to Microsoft's protocol of the GIP control method, which we unfortunately do not have control over.
  8. Armoury Crate has an update center for ASUS devices. There may be an alternative way to update your STRIX 3080, but I personally am not aware of any.
  9. Hi SimDuch, You'll need to update your STRIX 3080 via Armoury Crate. Afterwards, you'll be able to control your GPU's individual LEDs via iCUE.
  10. Happy to hear! Some USB-C cables may have a larger housing that won't fully reach the HS80's USB-C port. If you do experience any issue with our cable, you can always contact support via our website - they'd be happy to help.
  11. Thank you for your input, Brian S. Are you saying you'd like to see a case with lights built into it?
  12. That's a pretty clean desk setup for two PC systems! The rear fan mount is typically used to mount an exhaust fan, so a dust filter isn't normally needed - but I like that it's being used as an intake considering this is a custom watercooled build. How does the custom distribution plate look from the front?
  13. Sorry to hear you're experiencing this issue. Have you tried updating your headset's firmware to 3.0.3?
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