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Found 10 results

  1. I've been using iCue for years with no problems until now. I recently switched from intel to Ryzen and am now having issues with windows hanging and not responding. I have done a lot of troubleshooting trying to figure out what is causing this and I have come to the conclusion that it is, without a doubt, Corsair's iCue software causing this issue. Here's what happens: Randomly, iCue will crash, causing all the lights in my PC to go into "hardware mode." This is almost immediately followed by any apps I have running to stop responding and eventually the only thing I can do is move my mouse around the desktop. Clicking on icons does nothing. Attempting to restart the PC via start menu does not work and if left alone, Windows explorer will eventually crash and not recover. I have to do a hard reset to get everything working again. This happens at least once a day. Things I have troubleshooted: -Reinstalled windows several times -DDU Drivers and reinstall -Bios Update/Cmos resets -Registry cleaning/Defrag hard drives -unplug all non-essential USB devices -uninstall/reinstall iCue -Disable iCue and other non-essential apps, running PC with iCue installed but not running. None of this worked as my PC would still hang and crash. About a week ago, I uninstalled iCue completely and did not reinstall it and have not had a system hang or crash since. Uninstalling iCue seems to have fixed my issue. This is a shame because I have over $300 in Corsair LL Series fans in my PC that I can no longer customize unless I want my system to crash daily. Does anyone else have this issue and have you come to the same conclusion. I have seem similar posts on reddit and even in these forums going back several years and it seems the problem has not been fixed. My Specs: AMD Ryzen 7 5800x ASUS ROG Strix B550-F Motherboard 32GB Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 3600Mhz RAM Nvidia RTX 3080Ti FE 1tb WD Black M.2 SSD 2x 1TB SSDs (RAID 0) 850w EVGA BQ 80+ Gold Power Supply 10x Corsair LL Series Fans Corsair H150i Elite Capelix 360mm AIO Corsair K70 TKL Keyboard Corsair Dark Core pro Mouse Corsair MM700 RGB Mousepad
  2. Hey everyone ! I have got a gaming PC (self build) and it almost works like it is supposed to do. When I've had my pc on for a few hours (2 hours or so) and I open / close a software or sometimes if i'm doing nothing, my computer freezes. I just see my screen as when it froze, and my mouse is not moving, also my keyboard won't do anything. A weird thing is that when i have my audio system plugged into the PC it would give a weird noise for a sec when freezing, and then just continue to play the song / video I was watching. The only way to get out of this is to hold the power button or press the reset button on the case of the pc. After reboot it will work fine for some time and it will freeze again. Some people said it could be something with my PSU. I've already tried to completely whipe my ssd and reinstall windows 10, but no succes. I've also reseated my ram and tried a new monitor, and another graphicscard, but still no succes. Does anyone know what my problem could be ? I really hope for a response as I've had this problem for quite a while now, and it's really irritating me.
  3. I have a st100, a k70, a mm800, 3 ll120, one harpoon mouse and a h100i pro. My problem is that when I install Icue my pc disconnects some devices like my keyboard and all the other devices get freezed for 4 seconds, then everything gets back to normal but if I’m playing this is just fatal. Also sometimes when this occurs my pc just freezes and I have to restart it. I’ve installed windows 10 again and I consider to have a nice hardware and a good psu. X470 asus tuf motherboard, 2700x cpu, rx5700xt gpu, 32 gb of trident z ram, a 850w core reactor and a good ssd. All my drivers of any type are updated, including my peripherals and I have the last version of Icue. I don’t want remove Icue, I manage all my lighting and fan/pump speeds there. Please help me. I’ve had tried everything for 6 months and I’m still stuck. I'm just tired...
  4. For the past two days ive been having the problem where my Scimitar will disconnect then reconnect with default settings, however iCue is still up and running and showing the mouse as being active. So what happens is i have only one DPI setting active and rebound dpi up and down to \ and / for gaming. However when the mouse disconnects and reconnects i can go into notepad and spam \\// as much as a i want. However the mouse default setting of DPI up and down are also working as i get cranked from 600 dpi to 6000 dpi. Ive seen this as to be a problem for OVER THREE YEARS!!!!!!!!! How is this still an issue? Ive done EVERYTHING that others have tried, Power management, updating USB controllers, making sure the Firmware is up to date, making sure CUE is up to date. Ive doen the manual mouse reset feature. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IS FIXING THE ISSUE. And its sad to see others having the same issues and over the years ive not seen any Support from Corsair. Im an avid corsair customer, Ram, keyboard, mouse, cooler and ive never felt more let down in my life. Is there any kind of support that the DREADED SCIMITAR USERS can get to finally fix this issue? Or is switching to Logitech or Razer the only option?
  5. So I've got a 32GB (8x4) kit of Vengeance RGB Pro RAM, and sicen I bought it a month ago I'v enoticed various issues cropping up. Today, the RGB is freezing. I'm using the sequential lighting and it just stops for a few seconds, then jumps to where it should be. Last week, the sequential lighting went mad and was running separately on each stick with different timings and different colours. iCUE showed a red exclamation mark and wouldn't allow me to control it at all. The week before, the very bottom LED on the first strip was the totally wrong colour. My LL120's, K95P, M65 and RGB strips work perfectly fine so I don't think the issue is with iCUE All the issues generally go away after a restart, but I'm sure you'll agree this isn't normal behaviour. What should I do about it?
  6. I am having an issue when I boot my computer that iCue starts but fails to recognize my keyboard (K68). if i reach around back, unplug and plug the USB for it it will immediately recognize it, and load my profile. I have the most up to date Firmware and Software. It used to only do it occasionally, but as of late, its been every boot. I also had an issue where the profile I created would actually freeze my computer every now and then. I had it set so if the keyboard was idle for 15 seconds, the LEDs would fade out, and would come back on if a key was pressed. Changing it back to on all the time solved the freezing issue.. Keyboard works fine otherwise.. And I have totally uninstalled and reinstalled iCue Thanks in advance -Iggy
  7. I updated the K70 Lux firmware and iCUE yesterday, and now my system is very unstable, with the system freezing/stuttering almost all the time. It is even worse when loading programs/Games, where I am unable to use my computer. System interrupts reaches 99% CPU usage and is the cause of my computer locking up. I've read about issues with Asus mobos which may be what I am experiencing. Also using a h100i which can also cause issues as far as I'm aware. Will be removing iCUE later today to see if that fixes things. Is there a link to previous versions of iCUE and K70 Lux that I could install? The only issue I've had previously was iCUE using 15-20% CPU, which could be fixed by closing the software. Any details or insight into this issue would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hello, I have recently build a new system. But I am experiencing issues with the iCUE software. So I am having this problem where I constantly hear the windows plug and play sound followed up by my fans "freezing" for a second but mainly my H100I RGB Platinum going dark or freezing up. I read about this issue on another post and was told to disable the cpu fan control on my motherboard. After I had dpne this there was no change at all. What I've found out now after testing this for a full week, it is a problem with the iCUE software. I had it removed from my system for a full week and my system ran totally fine without having any single problem at all apart from the rgb going random looking very bad :D: . I have reinstalled iCUE yesterday evening tried it out and have had nothing but issues again. The exact same problem, Plug&play sound > CPU cooler & fans dying for a second after going back to normal the same happens about 10 seconds later. All my settings in iCUE should be correct. Any clue what the problem may be?
  9. Hello and good afternoon! I buyed a K95 keyboard on march 13 and when it arrived, I just plugged it on USB and open the CUE 2.24.35 on a Windows 10 x64 pt-BR. CUE showed a message informing about a firmware update. So, after the update, all things seemed to work very well, until I powered off my desktop for the second ou third time in the same day. In this occasion, the keyboard just froze the light effects instead of turning off. I turned on my desktop PC and realized that the keyboard was still frozen, with the light effects locked on the last state it was (spiral rainbow) but without any movement, just static light on. And no response from keyboard when pressing any key! I used the virtual keyboard to log in on Windows and opened the CUE again and the keyboard wasn't recognized by the app, but still was on the "Device Manager". Then, I just disconnected the USB and reconnected in the same USB port on the back of the motherboard. Nothing happened, then I tryed another USB port on the rear panel of the motherboard and also in the front panel of my case. I tried all the USB ports, being USB 2.0, 3.1 Gen 1 and 3.1 Gen 2! And guess what? Nothing happened! Like it isn't plugged on the USB port. I even tryed it on my Dell notebook without success. Same behavior! After a lot of tries (almost 30, A LOT!), restarting the PC, reinstalling the CUE and other no sense things, I managed to get the keyboard recognized by the system and then I used it normally for some hours until it froze again when turned my PC off again. After some tests, I figure out that the weird behavior is occurring too when disconnecting and reconnecting the keyboard USB cable, and this occurs on any machine I tried, even on PCs that never had CUE installed before, even on a clean installation of the SO. So, I requested a guarantee exchange and a few days ago I received my new keyboard, just to find out that the new one has the same problem! I tried to force the re-update of the firmware, tried to clean all profile slots, tried the hard firmware reset and the problem with this weird and bizarre behavior still happens! So I tried to make an account on Corsair support to submit a ticket, but the support account creation system doesn't work! I always get the info (in Brazilian Portuguese): [center]"OCORREU UM ERRO. ENTRE EM CONTATO COM O ATENDIMENTO AO CLIENTE E FORNEÇA OS SEGUINTES CÓDIGOS DE ERRO: 002 F7AE68DF-1E29-4FC9-888B-267B43C419A5"[/center] Without knowing what to do, I am resorting to my last resources: get a new keyboard in the warranty and report the problem finding solutions here in the forum. Also, I have a Corsair GLAIVE RGB Black (CH-9302011-NA), a mousepad MM800 RGB Polaris (CH-9440020-NA), a Premium Headset Stand ST100 RGB (CA-9011167-NA) and a Void Surround Headset (CA-9011146-NA). All work very well, without any problems or weird behavior. My keyboard is a K95 RGB Platinum with pt-BR layout, with "Ç" and ABNT2 standard with its product code CH-9127014-BR. Probably this problem only occurs with brazilian products, because all my other products code ends with a NA, which stands for North American, and only my keyboard ends with a BR product code, for Brazilian... If anyone has any idea of how to get rid of this freezing behavior, please, I'm all ears! Also, if anyone needs some log or system configs, let me know. Thank you in advance! Att, KnightArch.
  10. I am having an issue that is most definitely an issue with the K70 Lux RGB and how it interacts with the USB ports on this PC. Whenever I plug in a USB device (be it a controller, a secondary mouse), Steam will freeze. The caps lock and num lock indicator on the keyboard will also not work anymore. As soon as I set the polling switch on the keyboard to BIOS, then Steam unfreezes. When I set it back to This is most definitely an issue with the keyboard as I have not had any of these issues prior to owning this keyboard. While you can say that it might be a compatibility issue with Steam, that's not really acceptable considering a gaming keyboard should at the very LEAST be working with Steam. I've tried changing between USB ports, from USB 2.0 to 3.0 and back. Tried updating all the drivers and it's still the same issue. I've looked all over these forums and there is definitely quite a few of us experiencing the same issue. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Start computer. 2. Notice that CUE has loaded up since my lights are showing RGB effects 3. Plug in a USB device like a controller or another mouse 4. Notice that Steam freezes and is unusable. ALSO notice that if you press Caps Lock or Numlock, the lights will not light up, no matter what you do. 5. Set polling switch to BIOS 6. Steam now unfreezes and is usable. 7. Set polling back to default. Caps lock and Numlock also now works again. 8. You can now unplug and replug USB devices without issue, but this only lasts for maybe 1 or 2 replugs. You have to go back to Step 1 again. I don't want to have to do this workaround every single time. Note, I also just tested this and you can replace Steam with the Windows USB Game Controller screen. This keyboard is definitely causing USB conflicts and it's not just me. Relevant specs: Motherboard - Asus Maximus IX Hero Keyboard - Corsair K70 RGB Lux Attaching CUE log files as well 2017-06-10T11-48-37 - Copy.zip
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