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  1. Fingers crossed the next gen iCUE currently being beta tested smashes it out of the park.
  2. The wheel reminds me of the blue/pink round liquorice allsorts lol
  3. Flagship keyboard needs more switch options than just “trendy” super duper lighter than light switches that you can’t breathe near. MX browns should’ve been an option for people that actually type on keyboards rather than spam keys like a maniacal zombie ad infinitum. P.s. still not sure about that wheel, looks like an afterthought.
  4. That’s very concerning and good to know, thank you. For the price of this I’ll be damned if I’m going to make do with switches that aren’t suitable for typing on. If a brown switch version comes out great I’ll have one. If not I’ll wait and see what Razer do with the V2 version of the Huntsman. Wulf
  5. Dammit, ok so this keyboard has grown on me. :D: Very, very tempted to get one. Can anyone tell me how the OPX switches are to type on compared to browns? They aren’t stupidly sensitive are they? Wulf
  6. Damn that’s an ugly keyboard. Love my K95 Plat, but the K100 looks like it’s ugly sister. The wheel looks like a last minute addition and doesn’t fit the aesthetic. Wulf
  7. Welcome back James, thank you for the notes they’ve been sorely missed. Wulf
  8. Honestly my friend, I’d choose another company if I were you. iCUE is a hot mess of garbage that they’re constantly fire fighting to achieve a basic level of competent operational use. They don’t even post change logs anymore with updates so you know what’s been fixed and what issues still persist. I have a few Corsair devices, but won’t be using them anymore once they’re replaced. It’s up to you of course, but I’d suggest reading the forums first to get a feel for how customer reaction is to iCUE. Best Wulf
  9. Wulfster

    iCUE Nexus

    Needs to be bigger, like those 7” aida64 external monitors. Similar functionality, with a cradle stand for desktop or mountable inside your case (side wall of PSU shroud?) viewable through side panel of rig. Wulf
  10. “But then I begin to play a match and my character is magically walking on its own.“ Have you tried an exorcism? :D: Wulf
  11. Where in Europe are you from? If it’s the UK, you can get these keycaps from overclockers.co.uk Best Wulf
  12. Still no patch notes? Have the staff been furloughed or something? Wulf
  13. About time we had a new MMO mouse instead of all these bland FPS mice. Wulf
  14. Have Corsair sorted this yet? Wife’s Strafe Mk2 has issues but I darent update the firmware that’s available in case it bricks it like the cases above. Seems from the responses that the firmware been sent is no better. Beyond disappointed, is this another Corsair product they’ll abandon and just release a newer version because they can’t seem to fix it? Wulf
  15. Bought the wife an Strafe Mk2 for crimbo and hers exhibits this behaviour also. At the moment it’s just after logging in but so far works ok afterwards after a few minutes. Best Wulf
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