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  1. contact customer support, i have never had an issue with updating of firmware, on a few headsets i have had to do.. make sure your not using USB3.0 port & also force the firmware flash again, but put both headsets in bootloader mode & make sure they are charged once the update is complete
  2. plug it into the computer with the usb cable provided if possible.. then go into device manager & if it detected as Avnera AV6302 then it means it is in bootloader mode, follow this link on how to get it out of bootloader mode and be working again.. http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=152196
  3. if the problem is windows 10 how can you return a fully working headset.. if windows 10 is the issue try and run the hardware troubleshooter, Open the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, and then clicking Control Panel. In the search box, type troubleshooter and then click Troubleshooting. click view all on the left hand side and then click Hardware and Devices. run it.. also run the power troubleshooter also, see if this fixes the issue :)
  4. just remember amps are pulled not pushed.. so the headset will only take what is needed to charge the headset :) i use samsung charger and has been fine, easy 14 hours battery life (disable LED) :)
  5. i have noticed that the mixer changes levels with the sound notifications.. sometimes especially after the headset locks up when out or range.. the mixers are all changed i have to keep turning them back up.. the headset itself is amazing & the CUE not so much, once they fix these issues, it will be a solid headset but untill then i am anoyyed with it :(
  6. i have also PM'd you james i will send another with my email address as forgot to put that :)
  7. yeah i sometimes experiance this :/ not much but have seen it
  8. tbh i have noticed this aswell, but tbh i now think its not corsair related but windows, i say this because if i turn windows volume right up & play something its lovely sounds great, but if i pause the audio and turn windows down after pausing the audio the static goes away... mine is wireless, but usb ones i hear are the same
  9. if you could send me a link also that would be great :) also when is the new FW out that you mentioned a week ago? Thanks @corsair chris @chris @corsair
  10. if you could send me a link also that would be great :) also when is the new FW out that you mentioned a week ago? Thanks @corsair chris @chris @corsair
  11. if you could send me a link also that would be great :)
  12. its a firmware issue, you have to put up with it, some times it works fine for me and some days it disconnects :/ they are aware of the issue so you will have to hold tight until they release FW 36.08 :)
  13. would like to say no problems with beta drivers, if you need it pm me, i got told not to pass around, by @chris but doing what he would do anyways i will give you a link for dowhnload :)
  14. did you have usb connector plugged into the pc while you whjere charging, there are some bugs but if you charge with wall plug and not usb port as that is only 500ma, i noticed mine not charging properly all i done was charge overnight being plugged into the wall, no issues at all i have version 31 if anyone was wondering
  15. is this the rgb wireless ones or yellowjacket, or wired rgb carbon/black ones.. be sure to plug in back usb port, be sure to install software as admin, & also be sure to set the device in sound properties, you right click sound bottom right in taskbar then click playback devices>right click on void headset and set default comunnications & also click default device, both VOID :) lemme know how you get on dude, also does the headset beep and stuff as it should.? P.S i think it may be windows 10 tbh.. windows update bricked my machine, went back to windows 8.1 :)
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