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  1. You are not an idiot. iCue is horrible and any honest person knows it. The devs don't care, so you are on your own. The only option I found was to remove all my Corsair products and go with another company's products whose software does not do this. I love Corsair hardware, but their software is utter trash and it never really gets fixed. It needs to be re-written entirely and have an x64 native version. It's even worse on Ryzen 3000 series CPUs.
  2. It is. I sadly went a different direction and removed all my Corsair products because of it and went with Logitech peripherals. Their software doesn't peg voltage, increase temps, etc.
  3. I'm not locked at 100% fan speed. That's why I am wondering what the hardware default is, because I've even done a clean Windows install and the fans are not at 100%. They work, but they just don't seem to change RPM.
  4. I don't think that's the case, because I had mine set to GPU temp, but when I removed the software, the fans stay constant and never change speed. I'm wondering what the default is once the software is removed.
  5. What's the default fan curve of the Commander Pro without iCue installed?
  6. I think I'm not making this clear. I want to know if the Commander Pro can be used to control fans WITHOUT the software installed. If I set a curve via the software and then remove the software by uninstalling it, does that curve get saved to the internal memory of the Commander Pro or is the software always needed to allow the control of fans? I have tested it a bit without software and in Linux, ect. but I don't know what the fans are doing without the software.
  7. Are you referring to the temperature probes/leads that came with it? I've set my Commander Pro to use GPU as a fan curve source, since it's far more variable than CPU for me. Are you saying that it won't work unless I have the external sensor probes installed? Sorry, I might not be following you correctly.
  8. Does the Commander Pro remember settings even WITHOUT iCue installed? Specifically, if I remove iCue after I have set the fan curves, RGB strip settings, etc. will these settings be stored on the Commander Pro so that I could effectively remove iCue entirely and still maintain that functionality? I want my fan curves and RGB to still work without iCue even installed, if possible.
  9. [ame=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzAeAFudylI] [/ame] iCue needs the most work
  10. I wonder if it's something with the 3900X specifically. I should have mentioned that I'm also using the Insider build of Windows that includes a new multi-core scheduler that's supposed to enhance Ryzen. Maybe you aren't willing to try it, given that it's not "release" software.
  11. And you have the latest Chipset drivers from AMD and are running Ryzen Balanced power plan?
  12. True in my case. Here's my Ryzen 3800X with iCue and Ryzen Master open. Avg: 0.52 Volts Peak: 1.24 Volts ABBA BIOS
  13. What you are seeing is the peak voltage, however, not the average across all cores. Check it in the latest version of Ryzen Master which includes the SDK for monitoring voltage properly on Ryzen 3000, which the devs could easily include with iCue for Ryzen.
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