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Link and H80 not getting along


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Wow, where to start?


I have a Link system, firmware currently the latest as far as I know.


I have an H80 (not H80i) with firmware 1.1.12


Here are a few issues:

1) H80 pump is "rattling" - makes noise

2) H80 fans do not show up in LINK

3) Several of my case fans do not show up in LINK (connected to cooling node)

(The cooling node does, but not the fans plugged into it)


If I try to flash the firmware on my H80.

I select H80 on the Devices page, I can see that it's at 1.1.12

It lists 2 fans and 1 pump, and 1 sensor

I select "Update Firmware"

It lists the link commander and an H80i (which I don't have)

I select the H80i and select the 1.1.12 file

It says "The firmware file selected is not correct"

I select the H80i file that I also downloaded (1.0.7)

It says "H80i/H100i not connected!"



Cooling node firmware is 1.2.5

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Before I posted my question last night, my motherboard shut my PC off due to high CPU temp. Link and H80 failed me completely.


Sorry, but I just don't trust the system anymore.

Bought a top-of-the-line air cooler on Amazon this AM.

Will have it tomorrow.


I plan to pull out the LINK and H80.


The system never really worked that well.

Perhaps I'm not smart enough to use it.

I'm sick of scanning through the forums trying to prove what the latest firmware for all the parts are. And then scanning for hours more trying to find links to the latest firmware. And then having the system tell me it's not the right file to update firmware.

And then not having all my fans show up.

And then having my PC die on me due to overtemp.


I'm done.

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understandable,hydro cooling isnt for everyone

while corsair has made it as easy as possible,it still isnt for the novice user.

im running 2 h100i's that hasnt been touched in months and i think where most go wrong,they install every bit of software available and of course it cant work.

if people would just install Version 2.3.4816,use stock fans on the cooler like designed then most problems wouldn't occur.

looking at your initial post i see things done that only aggravate your issues.

i would have made suggestions but since you removed your unit,help is a moot point.

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believe me if i had problems,i would make them known but i not only have one but THREE working units.

SAME SOFTWARE--SAME HARDWARE as anyone else so why does mine work?

i guess corsair needs to offer in house installations.

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Regarding 'in house installations'....


Let's not get to 'uppity' out there please.

I was very nice with my posts, and even wrote in the possibility that it was a bit much for me.


Truth be told, I'm a smart guy. I was just being nice.

If you have this product installed, with all the latest updates and firmware, and cabling correct... AND it still doesn't function worth a crap. well, that tells us something.


Scientifically, will it work in a few cases? perhaps a few simpler cases like yours? yes. By the law of averages it must. But for those of us out here that try to use it's full potential, and get burned badly? Please, don't insult us by blaming it all on the user. I gave you an inch... don't take a mile!


I had one unit replaced via RMA myself. Didn't solve anything.

I just gave up on it.


The product is a great idea. Perhaps just a bit beyond Corsair's ability to bring it to market.

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  • Corsair Employees


I am sorry it is not working for you but the Firmware for the H80 and H80i are not compatible and will not flash. So what you stated is normal so far.

If you have it installed please go to options then devices and expand all Corsair devices it sees and post a screen shot.

Then are you using our fans that came with the H80 or different fans and if so what fans are you using?

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