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PSU Voltages - New Rig


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Just finished building myself a new system powered by an AX850 and I'm just double checking my voltages with people in here... probably just being a little paranoid (apologies).


Since I'm not an electrician I can only go from the voltages being reported to me via the BIOS.


The voltages seem okay to me -- just want another, more experienced person's opinion on the numbers... (worried about one, but it's so minor it's probably nothing to worry about).


Anyway, I'll list them...


+12.0V ATX Power --> 12.32V

+12.0V ATX CPU --> 12.25V

+5.0V --> 5.03V

+3.3V --> 3.37V (it's a little over the ±5% -- is this still okay?)

Memory CH A&B --> 1.51V (not quite sure why this one is 0.01V more)

Memory CH C&D --> 1.50V

Processor Core Voltage --> 1.13V

+3.3V Standby -- 3.36V-3.37V (oscillates, usually sits on 3.36V)


FYI the values haven't changed any since I've been using it either. Anyway, I suspect these values are fine but there's no harm in double-checking.


The system itself is perfectly stable; no unexpected shutdowns, reboots and whatnot (I have made it freeze a few times mashing F2 at the BIOS screen though -- a little temperamental I guess... :biggrin:).


Thanks in advance.



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