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Found 9 results

  1. When playing battelfield 1 it freezes for about 15 or 20 minutes looking at hwinfo on the 12v rail goes down to 11.6 and using a benchmark it can go down to 11.5 No load remains at 12,096 using a browser at 12,024 and using some non-demanding game 11,952 Using a tester gives this result https://pasteboard.co/JNGGVwN.jpg What causes those freezes Psu corsair ax 750 gold
  2. Hello there! I hope im right here, if not, please help me by leading me into the right direction. Now, to the Problem: On Monday i upgraded from some Crucial RAM, a Z370 Board and some stock Cooler, to Vengeance RBG Pro RAM, a Z390 Board and a Noctua cooler. Since then, my LL120 Fans (which i only have 3 of, so far) have been Blinking in various colors. Now, i didnt take this as a serious issue since i just pretty much set up a new system but i then noticed that one of the fans stopped spinning every now and then, just to get back up again. Because the Noctua Fan is basically right infront of it, i quickly did a benchmark, thinking it might be stopped by the massive airflow of the Noctua Fan, luckily that didnt seem to be the case. Now, when i look into iCue, i can see that Voltage on 12v, 5v and 3,3v drops to 0 or change (for example, 12v at 5v). The Fans disappear every now and then and the color i set for the fans have barely any impact. I tried swapping some cables at the Commander, swap Fan1 and Fan3, both RGB and fan controller The RAM works fine though, im having no issues there. The Corsair logo and the I/O Panel were blinking in different colors too, but it seems like i fixed that, somehow. I would really appreciate any help, since im at the point where i have no idea anymore. Thanks!
  3. Hi all, it's about time for a fresh general guide for using XMP/manually overclocking your memory so we've worked with Linus to put this quick video together. [ame] [/ame]
  4. Hi all! so ever since i got my 500D with the copro (two months ago), icue says my 3.3v is 1.61v(+-). What does it mean? Should i be worried? Thanks!
  5. Hi, I just bought the HX1000i and I notice one thing i both iCUE and other monitoring programs, the 12v is always at 12.2v instead of closer to 12v. Both 3v and 5v is almost always at 3.00v and 5.00v regardless of load while 12v is always around 12.2v. Is this normal or is something wrong with the PSU?
  6. Good morning, seeing as I only have 3pin fan connectors on my MoBo, does Corsair Link support voltage control for setting fan curves?
  7. Hello everyone, 12v rail measured by a good Fluke multimeter is always near 11.86v load or idle. (setup is nothing crazy, i5 6500+gtx 1060) I remember when I first got it, voltage was around 11.92v. (still not perfect but I convinced myself to keep it) This is way too off based on every review I've seen on the internet and it seems that it's degrading somehow. I know it's still in ATX specs but is this a bad batch or something? Should I keep it or return it ?
  8. So I've been running my cpu at 4.4ghz 1.35v and memory at 1.65v at 2000mhz for a while. Cold boots fine, completely stable. I have 2x 8gb modules in dimms 1 and 3 Yesterday I upped the memory speed to 2400mhz, booted into windows, gamed for several hours, ran stress tests, etc. No issues. 11-13-13-33 (tested latency is 11-13-13-31, couldn't get it to post at this timings.) My final test, I shut the system down and tried to boot. I get the classic blank screen and then the system powers off. Ideally, I would like to run this memory at the tested latency and have it stable so I can game / shut down and cold start my system. It should be noted that my mobo doesn't play nice with the XMP, which is why I am manually setting timings / voltages. When I load the XMP profile no settings change and I will get beeps if I save the bios and reset the system. Any help is greatly appreciated. System info: CPU: i7-3770k @ 4.4Ghz 1.35v MOBO: EVGA z68 SLI (latest bios R22) RAM: 16gb Corsair Vengeance Pro DDR3 @ 2000Mhz 11-13-13-31 1.65v GPU: SLI 2x EVGA GTX 1070 SC 8gb GDDR5 Core @ 2025Mhz Mem @ 9000Mhz STORAGE: Raid 0 2x SanDisk 256gb x300s SSD DISPLAY: Dell S2716DGR 27" LED 1ms 144mhz 2560x1440 PSU: Antec TruePower 650w Here are my available and current voltages: vCore 1.35 VDimm 1.65 DIMM DQ Vref +0mv VCCIO 1.3 PLL Vcore 1.8 VCC 1.05 PCH PWM Frequency 800KHz
  9. Hi everyone, I bought a vs650w power supply few months ago and realized later that the voltage imput is of 240v only. Usually, power supply are universal so I was wondering if I could actually use it in Canada where the voltage is 110v. Thank you
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