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H80i - No USB LINK/Header


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Hello there,


I've recently bought the hydro H80i. Have the following problem, despite browse the forum I found nothing suitable.


My system:

- Asus Maximus V Gene (Z77)

- Intel i5 3570K

- Asus GTX 670 DirectCU TOP

- Kingston Hyper 2x4GB DDR3-1333

- OCZ GameStream 600W

- OCZ Vertex 3 (Win7x64), Samsung SSD 830, WD160GB RAID1, Samsung HD322


Have the H80i Properly installed, but it is not recognized in Windows really Corsair Link installed 2.2.0.

The H80i Commander there is not even recognized, only CPU / graphics / HDD. Drivers have been installed, of course.


Fans are working properly and the pump light, thus no cooling problems


The USB header infects on both headers, tested USB cable, alternative (Micro-USB/USB-A/Front-Panel). Connections / contacts cleaned with compressed air.


Checked all BIOS settings

Currently Estonians Intel RST / chipset / USB drivers installed

Framework .NET 4.5 installed.



I know no more slowly, have now ordered another PCI-E USB card, test it yet, otherwise I will have to send it back to the dealer or RMA


Does anyone still have an idea???:[pouts:

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Hello guys


have now completed the test with the PCI-e USB card, unfortunately, as I'm already without success, is not easily detected.


Have a board with Z77 (ICHR) no C600, therefore, only the Intel RST.


Can anyone give me help and it is not without an RMA better?

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Yes has been reinstalled several times (2.1.1, 2.1.7, 2.2.0)

UAC is disabled, use Admin Account

The service runs Sierra2Service can, reboot, but the task is not running.


Problem is also the 'Corsir USB dongle' does not appear, and any unknown device. The drivers have been installed, of course.

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Would like to first thank all been trying to help me!


you shouldn't see the usb dongle in device manager. It's the driver for the AXi PSUs. The reason i asked is I've seen a couple of cases where it has installed and caused problems. Don't sweat over that.


That means that I should not install this driver, since I no AXi Corsair PSU?


Check Services.msc and see if Sierra2Service is set to run automatic.


The service is running and is set to automatic, but in Task Manager, I see only the "Sierra2.GPU"


The cooler uses the default HID Windows driver, the system will not see as a cooler.


Ok, I could recognize it by a specific hardware ID?

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There are no entries, only the service host for the service to restart



I think the problem is with the unit.

Have now at my local dealer ordered a new.


Think you also do not really have an idea, right?

Since the unit is not recognized in the CorsairLINK...

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Hi guys, good news ...


My new unit arrived yesterday, they've obviously installed correctly .... and lo and behold ...






I thank all who have tried to help me, but unfortunately in vain, but the reason the unit was defective!


Thank you again!

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