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Found 23 results

  1. I need some help regarding my Corsair h80i. I bought it along with my i7 4770k in June of 2014, and it has mostly served me well. But recently, I've been having serious overheating issues with my CPU hitting 100˚C on the regular. As of the last couple of days, Corsair Link has told me it's hovering around 99-100˚C. Today, I've done all that I can to try and fix it. I've opened the case and basically expelled out all the dust, including the dust in the H80i's radiator, I cleaned as much as I could. But it still shows me the same temps. But when I opened up the case to check, the top of the pump doesn't feel hot at all, just barely lukewarm. I've a picture of CL's home tab, showing the current temps. The pump seems to be working, and everything's at full speed, but the CPU is still at 100. Is there anything I can do?
  2. Hello, this is my first post, it will be a big one. I have the H80i V2 AIO cooler. It is a thick 120mm that features a stock push-pull configuration. I tested two setups: One as the default, using 1.) Corsair stock fans (~3000 max RPM) under the push-pull configuration. The second setup, using 1 single 2.) Noctua pull (~3000RPM fan). As you can see from the data, there is no temperature change: Here is a picture of the Corsair Link im talking about. First off, I do not know even what sensor I am looking at. Whether it is the pump temp, or the liquid temp. Never the less, the problem is that the pump itself gets obscenely hot, it exceeds the 45C warning in the Link program and the Pump itself turns to RED :mad:, yet while everything else is fine in temps. I have tried different push-pull configurations but it does not seem to change. Is it defective? 1.) Corsair stock fans 2.) Noctua config Can anybody think of why this is causing this? For anyone curious my GPU runs "cool" at max 76C at load. Here is a pic of my pc (excuse the bad cables management): Here is my PC 3 in-take, 3 out-take. Currently the pic has only the 1 Noctua fan because I like the quieter setup since the fan temps are almost identical as seen in the data pastebins.
  3. Hi I am setting up a secondary build with spare parts laying around on depot The old H80i coller gives me a little headache, it has been working just fine for +5 years until the PC was scraped a couple of years ago First mount I had the Corsair logo upside down on the CPU block due to better wiring of the usb cabel from MB The radiator mounted on the backpanel and the hoses at the bottom previous the hoses were at the top CPU went up above 80 degress, not the best, I could hear the water "snorkling" probably air bubbles CPU block turned 90 degrees, same result Radiator turned 90 degrees with hoses at the top, sligtly better with temperatures at 70 degrees I tried to apply pressure on the CPU block while running, no change in temperature Moving around with the hoses made slight changes to the better I decided to twist and turn the hot hose at the radiator side Now the temperatur is down to 45 degrees Scuttle the cooler and buy a new? Could it be a problem later? [EDIT] Oh I read through the FAQ section :D CPU_FAN speed in BIOS has to be dialed to full speed to allow the system to give enough power til the coolant motor as the temperature is sitting at 43 degrees celsius atm the fan speed increased but I decided to let it go CPU is now sitting idle at 33 degrees and fan speed decreased and the box runs silent :) Is this part with CPU_FAN at full speed in the manual shipping with the cooler? I've had quite a few coolers from Corsair in various builds and I have always had issues to get them to work properly, even replaced them with other brands It might be due to the full speed thing mentioned in the FAQ [EDIT 2] Yeah the option to apply full speed on CPU_FAN in BIOS got rid of the CPU fan error which prevented the boot process to proceed
  4. Hey, folgendes Anliegen habe ich. Es soll der AMD Ryzen 5950X, mit dem H80i v2 als Kühler, auf einem ASUS Pro B550M-C/CSM Board gekühlt werden. Asus kennzeichnet hierfür ja die Anschlüsse für die Pumpe als "AIO_PUMP connector", welcher dem genantem Board aber fehlt. Ziel: Die Pumpe soll ausreichend und Garantiekonform laufen, möglichst lange halten :): und das ganze ohne Software, da das System nicht für mich ist und ich sicher sein will, dass die optimalen Specs der Pumpe eingehalten werden. Bisherige Infos: Meine Erfahrungen beruhen auf Luftkühlungen und komplett selbst verlegte Wasserkühlungen. Das FAQ Wasserkühlungen und verschiedene weitere Beiträge hier habe ich gelesen und finde es Plausibel das die Pumpe nicht ständige Lastwechsel mag. -Was ich nicht eindeutig gefunden habe: Speziell bei der H80i v2, muss diese immer auf 100% laufen? Oder läuft sie lieber unter xx% und geht nur ggf. auf 100%? Ideen von mir: A. Pumpe mit einem 12V SATA => 3-Pin Lüfteradapter direkt ans Netzteil? - Regelt die Pumpe sich dann alleine richtig? Ist es optimal wenn die Pumpe immer 12V hat? B. Pumpe mit einem 12V SATA => 7V 3-Pin Lüfteradapter direkt ans Netzteil? C. Extra Pumpensteuerungshardware: Aqua Computer poweradjust 3 USB? (Bin für entsprechende Corsair gegenstücke dankbar, aber aktuell gibt es keine Corsairregler, an die die H80i v2 kann, oder?) - Hierbei könnte man einen Temperatursensor am Radiator befestigen da der ja Temperaturträge ist, würde die Pumpe nur langsame Lastwechsel haben. Für weitere Ideen, die die genannte Kombi an CPU, Mainboard und natürlich der H80i v2 ermöglichen wäre ich offen. Vielen Dank vorab. PS @Admins: Bevor ich mich ins Thema eingelesen habe, öffnete ich Supportfall 2004123591, der aber teils noch von falschen Annahmen meinerseits ausging. Vermutlich ist die Lösung am Ende ein Zweizeiler, die die FAQ Wasserkühlung ergänzen könnte, damit alle von der Info profitieren.
  5. Greetings, for some reason my PSU is not showing up in Corsair link. My h80i is showing up fine. The PSU is plugged into the alt port on the h80i. It was all working last time I remember checking but after the update to the latest link I don't see it anymore. I don't even see a corsair dongle under device manage USB. I have updated my pc specs so they are correct.
  6. Windows 10 Pro 19042.610 Fresh install Corsair Link 4 v4.7.0.77 (tried latest but still having issue) Cooler is an H80i (v2 I believe) Under Link4, no devices are shown. Under device manager I get an Unknown USB Device error code 43. Try different usb cables, one directly to the mobo usb header, and another that connects to a known working 2.0 port on the back of the mobo itself. Manually tried updating the driver to the H80, but then it proceeds to give me error 10. Is it possible the Cooler itself has died? I know its older, but just want to see if its a software error before I go replace it with a newer one. Fans seem to be working fine, and the light on the head still works. Under bios I have it set to not monitor CPU fan and also disabled Q-fan. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  7. Hey guys, hope you're good. So I built my system 5 years ago for music production. The last couple of weeks it has pretty much ground to a halt. I get an error on startup saying CPU fan error and now the CPU is running at 100C*. Also Corsair link isn't displaying any information about the system when it worked before. The fans on the back that the pipes connect to still spin. Am I right in thinking this could be as simple as needing to re-apply thermal paste or could the pump be gone? Really need to get back making music! Thanks a lot. :biggrin:
  8. [*]What CPU and is it overclocked? I7-9700K no [*]How quickly does the coolant ramp up and how quickly does it cool down? The CPU idles around 70C and can hit 100C within a minute at 15% load. [*]What is the ambient temperature? 24C [*]Is the cooler intake or exhaust? I tried both and they seem the same. It's currently intake. [*]What GPU are you using? (Hint: Fill out your system details fully.) GTX1660 SUPER I replaced the thermal paste. The pump is plugged into my H370N mobo's cpu_fan. I followed these instructions (admittedly only after I thought the pump had failed, 5 weeks after I made the PC) https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=168801&t=168801
  9. After about one cycle of prime95, chip skyrockets its temp. In genersl the h80i pump never seems to increase its temp alomg woth the cpu, only ranging from about 28degrees to 30, while the cpu goes from 30- 100. I feel vibrations through the tubing, and the top seems mounted tightly with no wiggle room. Tried rearranging fan connectors as was listed herehttps://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/h80i-letting-the-cpu-reach-95-degrees-c-panic.2183736/, but no luck. Running a modest 4.4 OC @40 offset voltage on an i5 8600k. In general the chip ran hot though. Voltage sitting at 1.29-1.32 tops.
  10. Hi! I have the H80i GT in my rig since 5 years cooling my 4790k. I just moved to a new household, transporting the computer carefully. However now I suddenly have problems with frequent Blue screens which I now know are because of CPU overheat. When I run the computer at idle the temps stay around 40-50 degrees C, much higher than Before. And when I runt games it goes up to 90-100 degrees and krasches. Corsair LINK says the pump is running at 3000rpm. When I feel the pump hoses one is really warm and the other is like room temp Cold. The radiator is not warm at all and the air flowing through it is not warmt either. What do you guys Think. Do I need to replace the cooler? Any Point in changing the cooling paste? Anything else? Suck to buy a new cooling unit if it doesnt solve the problem. Thanks Kristian
  11. Hello. Not a problem at all... but i research a lot and can't find anything about this particular connector by side of USB plug on H80I pump. What is it for? Can i connect something there and it will work on Corsair Link? https://imgur.com/a/SYGGOlm Thanks!:
  12. Chaim87

    H80i and P9X79

    Hello! I am writing this thread because I couldn't find any information. After years of using the same air cooling system, I've finally decided to switch to a water cooling system, and I bought the H80i v2 from Corsair. Installation went fine and I plugged the USB to the USB pins and the CPU cable to the CPU_FAN pins. Once in Windows 10, the device appears in Device Manager, but with a yellow triangle, together with a Intel® C600/X79 series chipset Thermal Management Controller - 1D24. I think it is some sort of hardware/software incompatibility, as the whole instructions on mounting the cooling system were followed step by step. When I try to update the drivers, either from the iCUE folder or from online, I get for both entries the same error, "drivers found but not able to install". For this reason, neither Link nor iCUE display the H80i. I think that hardware speaking everything works, fans are both running, the cooling system displays a light on the logo and so on. More importantly, even under stress at 4.2 Ghz (standard 3.7) I get less than 50°C and almost no noise. Which is good, but. I've tried to switch off from the BIOS the standard Qfan controller from ASUS, and uninstalled AI Suite II, which came standard with the motherboard. Since both didn't change a thing, I set the BIOS back to default settings and reinstalled AI Suite II. I opened a ticket to Corsair and wrote a message on the Facebook page (yeah I know), I think it will require some time that I could spare with the experts hanging around this forum. :biggrin: Could you please help? I can share all system's info. Thank you! Chaim
  13. Hi everybody i have temperatur problems with my 7700k not OC at the moment i have installed a air cooler be quiet shadow rock slim I'm thinking to remove it and install a corsair H80i V2 but i'm not sure it will fit. my case is the corsair carbide 100R and my motherboard is MSI Z270 PC mate. I'm trying to take measures inside my case as much precise i can and it look as installing the H80i, that the inner fan will stay in part above the pump module, I don't know the size of the pump module of the H80i and considering that the distance between the wall of the case and the cpu is little bit more of 160 mm, I 'm not sure it will fit. I know (reading the specs ) that the R100 case is compatible with the h80i, but i don't know if it is compatible (regarding the measures) with my motherboard installed in the 100R. let's say i don't know it the distance of the cpu from the back of the case is the same for all the motherboard.... thanks for the help
  14. hello, I bought the H80i some time ago and today when I went to clean my computer case, I ended up pulling the Y cable that released all the cooler wires. I would like to know the sequence to put it back or if someone can send me a photo I would be grateful! I'm sending the photos for better understanding! Tks!!!
  15. Hi over most of this year my pc will start and after about 5 seconds restart, in a loop for at least 3-4 times before finally booting. No input on the screen when it restarts. Occasionally it passes bios post and just before boot menu select it will cut out and restart then. It was quite random and used to boot fine for several days before the restart loops occured. But lately its every single turn on I have a corsair H80i and an overclocked 4690k cpu. [ame= ] [/ame] I am considering buying a new H80i to replace the current one which was bought in December 2014. -- -- Is a replacement worth thinking about, or do these coolers have lifetime warranty? I have uploaded a video today to show what happened when I took it out of the computer case. I have tested the psu with the paperclip method and plugged in a fan and it had no restart issues. I have tried new bios batteries, disabling the overclock completely. Checking stand offs on motherboard, plugging and unplugging the CPU Fan cable, unplugging h80i fans. Memtest with ram for 4 passes over 2-3 hours with no errors. Issue remains with no ram installed. And today reseated the cpu with new arctic silver 5 compound and the restarts continue. I think that the back plate of the h80i is touching the metal of the case behind the motherboard. I considered putting some masking tape over the metal backplate but haven't yet. Also when I took it out in the video it wouldn't of shorted at all on cardboard but the reboot cycle occurred. I am only guessing that a pc outside of the case with nothing connected to it should stay on permanently as i've not tested it outside like that before. Do you know if corsairs warranty is lifetime, and also do you think a new corsair h80i might do the same on my system. I am preying to get the system to turn on first time fine all the time Thanks for reading, Jake
  16. Hello good forum people! Haven't posted much lately, but constantly visiting forums and reading super useful stuff. I just purchased H80i V2 kit, and installed it yesterday. Super, super happy with everything. I have one question and I wasn't able to find any answers for this specific model (H80i V2). I've read somewhere that it could have something to do with Asetek hardware, but I am not even sure how to check if mine falls into this category. What I wonder... is there any way to have Corsair logo on the pump cycling RGB colors, or is it only possible to have one color enabled at the time, solid color? Thanks in advance for all the help! QR
  17. Hello, I'm currently packing up my H80i for RMA. And in the instructions it says: "Coolers: Please note to include all fans, pump and the radiator when packing your defective unit. Missing parts will cause your RMA request to be rejected." So, do I only have to include the fans the pump and the radiator or do I also have to include screws and the mounting brackets? Thank you.
  18. Hello guys, my old h80i is gonna be replaced because it started rattling after 4 years of use. I am going to get the new h80i v2. The problem is that i have a fully modified case and i can‘t change the backplate without getting out the whole motherboard and my other hardware. Is it possibe to use the old h80i backplate with the new screws for the h80i v2? It would save me a lot of time and nerves ;) Thomas_350z
  19. Hello, I have a H80i Water Cooler since january 2014 and I am worried about it's lifespan, it's almost completing 5 years and I want to know if I should start looking for a new one ... This one never gave me any problems and I never noticed any high temperatures off the normal ... So what is your opinion? Thank you!
  20. Hallo habe ein Problem mit meiner h80i, habe heute das Gehäuse gewechselt in welchem das Mainboard liegt (Cooler Master HAF XB EVO) seitdem rattert/klackert die Pumpe. Kann keine Beschädigungen am Kühler erkennen also Kühlflüssigkeit sollte keine ausgetreten sein. Stelle ich das Gehäuse auf die Seite also so wie es normalerweise ist ist die pumpe wieder leise, könnte Luft in die pumpe gekommen sein oder ist die pumpe kaputt?
  21. Hi everyone Im using H80i first verison and got problems with Corsair Link software. (Keeps purple led) So i setup Icue with the advice of ''Tech of Corsair''. Strange thing is Icue cant detect my H80i Cooler. I uninstall every Corsair setup or driver before install Icue. Anyone had these problems ? Os: Win10 x64
  22. So yes, I'm a victim of a H80i that decided to leak, destroying my Prized x58 motherboard and Xeon 5670 CPU. That's not the worst bit, it toasted my near new $1000 EVGA 1080ti SC2. I've filled in all the RMA forms, submitted them over a week ago and heard absolutely nothing back. When I chase up, they just say "have you emailed the forms?" - erm yes! Anyone been though this and can advise how long it takes? - I Cannot believe the destruction this has wreaked.
  23. Hi! About a week ago I got myself the new Corsair H80i closed loop water cooling system, and after I first installed it, I have to say I wasn't really that much impressed with it. I was upgrading from a Hyper 212 Evo+ and I barely noticed a couple of degree performance improvement, so I was somewhat disappointed. My idle temps were: 37 35 35 34 (per core) And my load temps were: 72 72 74 68 (IBT 5 pass into Prime 95) Processor details: i7 2600K - 4020 Mhz @ 1.28v - LLC: Medium Radiator setup: 2x 1200rpm cheap fans in push-pull, exhaust Since I kept seeing reviews on the internet with the H80i doing much better, I started looking for the cause of my temperatures, and I seem to have found the issue. The problem seems to be the backplate. There are numerous reports of the backplate being loose, and that seems to be an issue as not enough pressure is put onto the CPU, so the thermal transfer suffers. I noticed this after I applied some thermal grease (Arctic Silver 5), as it did spread, but it seemed there wasn't such good contact (I remember the way my Hyper 212 Evo+ spread the compound). It seems that the LGA1155/1156 double headed screws they supply are too long for some motherboard set ups, and there is need for washers to be placed on the backplate screw holes, behind the motherboard. http://i.imgur.com/HzxIK.png So I installed a set of rubber washers I had from a fan (the backplate would still be a little loose, but FAR from what it is without the washers) and re-mounted the H80i. I redid the tests, the CPU was in the same conditions, the room temperature was the same! Idle: 32 30 30 30 Load: 56 59 62 58 What a difference! And bare in mind, this is with a set of fans which have very poor static pressure and move a small to moderate amount of air (1200 rpm Fractal Silent 120mm fans) in a pretty poorly ventilated case. That's more than 10 degree celsius difference in load, just because of the better contact. The motherboard used is a mITX Asus P8Z77-I Deluxe. So if you're having H80i temperature issues and when you installed it, you noticed that the backplate was very loose after you tightened up the double headed screws, you should give this a shot. NOTE: This might just be an issue with select motherboards, since for some users the screws fit snugly. NOTE: The included metal washers will not fit the screw holes, you need plastic/rubber ones.
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