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Upgrading my 4x CM3X2G1600C9DHX sticks...

Captain Zero

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Specs are accurate, this old workhorse is running solid. In short, I've run stock (Ugh) since I built this monstrous beast. Every so often, I try to up the speed to my 24/7 goal of 400/1600. I've *never* been able to do it no matter how much tweaking I do.


I give up.


The RAM I have just can't cut it. What chips do I need? I want 4x2GB chips to hit 1600. That can't be impossible, the QX9650 I have easily hits 5.0Ghz in another system I've tested. I only want 4.0Ghz (10/400/1600)


Do I need these new fancy Vengeance chips? Dominators? Will 2 packs of CMP4GX3M2A1600C9 as listed on the compatability chart do the trick? The board supports XMP profiles, would getting XMP ram help getting 8GB to 1600? Thank you!

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  • Corsair Employee
For that MB and CPU you will likely be limited to DDR1333 with all four slots filled. And any of our newer modules of 4.0 density will not work with this Chipset. I would just keep what you have if its stable.
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