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H60 Screws


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They can send them to you but right now these requests are taking about 7-15 days to process, I would suggest going to the Hobie or Hardware store and get 4 6/32 X 1.25" Screws and you should be good to go they will cost you about 1-2 USD.
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Hi, thank you for the reply.


Here in Italy that size is not to be found, so I've asked if Corsair could sed it to me. 15 days are not a problem to me, I'm not hurry :) where can I ask for 4 more screws?


Thank you.

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Hi, I've submitted a RMA request for 4 more screws for my H60 cooler.


After that I've received a email from the Tech Support Express, on 7/1/2011, that says:


Thank you for contacting Corsair. Please provide a shipping contact name, address and phone number. Your replacement will ship based on part availability. We will confirm with you within 48 hours.


since than, I've not received any answer.


Case #2118572


Someone could help me please? Thank you :o:

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Hi, few days ago I've received the parcel from Corsair which contained the screws. But they are the wrong screws!


I've asked for 4 more screws for a push-pull setup, that is the screws used for the fans (UNC 6-32), but I've received the screws used to mount the pump on the CPU.


I don't need those screws and I've just submitted another request to the Customer Service, but I've not received any answer yet.


Could someone help me please?


Many thanks!

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