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F120 slow writting speed.


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I bought my F120 yesterday. I made a fresh win7-64 install with two partition for dual boot later on. I followed the sticky thread "Windows 7 Tips & Tweaks" and then ran the ATTO disk benchmark. In my opinion the writing speed are rather low.

(Please see the attachment)


Is this a normal range? Or I'm missing something?


My machine is a dell xps 1530, Core 2 duo 2.2GHz, 4GB ram.


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I have to say, it was a huge rookie mistake.


By default (at least on laptops) windows 7 set the power options to "Balanced", for that reason ATTO results look quite low. So simply changing it to "High performance" the values of ATTO jumped to the expected values.


This could be obvious for some people, but maybe can help someone else. :idea:


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