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MP600 PRO LPX - How to enable Hardware based encryption

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According to the tech specs for this product it should support hardware based AES 256-bit Encryption. 

However, I am unable to enable hardware based Bitlocker in Windows, it reverts to and then states it has failed to enable the software based solution which I have turned off in group policy as enabling hardware based encryption is Windows has become more difficult using Bitlocker. 

Looking at guides for enabling hardware based encryption on for example Samsung SSDs there is an option in the SSD software they supply that needs to be turned on before hardware encryption is then enabled in Bitlocker. The Corsair SSD Toolbox does not have this available as an option and there is no mention of how to enable hardware based encryption in any resources I could find on the Corsair support site.

I also downloaded a third party application to enable Hardware based encryption but it did not detect any capability on this drive. 

Would like some help with this if anyone has been able to set this up, otherwise I will be returning this drive as the hardware encryption functionality appears to be unsupported, in which case the tech specs are misleading at best. 

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Hi there NeedsMoreBees. Have you been able to resolve this issue with Corsair? I am considering purchasing the mp600 micro for use in a business laptop, but will only do so if I can use the advertised hardware encryption.

Have you reached out to Corsair tech support? If they are worth their powder, they should be willing and able to resolve this issue ...


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