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Found 4 results

  1. Good day, people, I got problem with Corsair M.2 SSD MP510 480GB after yesterday (15 April 2020) Windows 10 Update. I've been using this SSD for a bit more than a year, and everything was fine. Yesterday in late evening I found pending Windows update, so I pushed "Update and shutdown" button and finished using PC. This morning I found my PC not booting up from mentioned SSD, where Windows 10 was installed. After struggling all day, I've failed to bring the disk back to life, but at least now I can describe the problem. So the problem is the SSD stopped to be recognized by Windows and BIOS. No single program or application or utility or BIOS can detect my SSD now. Previously, when everything was fine, in BIOS this device has name "Force MP510" and it was also visible from Windows utilities like Disk Management or others. Couple of hours later, after tweaking BIOS options, I made it back semi-visible, but it's name now is PHISON SSD E12, what is chipset's name and not disk's model name. So my first thoughts was like it's firmware is broken and I should probably update it. I've found Corsair SSD Toolbox app to update firmware hopefully, but I've failed. Toolbox doesn't recognize the SSD as a disk it can work with, so the button to update firmware appears gray and is not clickable. I've been trying to install firmare (12.3) from MSI installer (found it on this forum), but it was not able to download firmare, so this trial failed too. I've been trying to plug-off and plug-in back the SSD to M.2 slot, but that didn't helped. I've updated BIOS to latest one (2020), as mine was 2 years old (2018), but that didn't helped as well. Now, I have no more ideas how to get it back to life. I've paid ~130 EUR for it and it would be really disappointing to throw it to waste bin after only 1 year of using. So I am hopefully asking - is there anything I can do with it? I am attaching 2 photos so you can see more details. Thank you very much for your answers in advance.
  2. Hello, My Corsair Glaive RBG Just arrived from amazon (my first Corsair product, waiting for mk2 k70 to arrive 2morrow) and i love the design and the feel of it. i was really hyped when it arrived. Anyway, the issue i'm having with it besides getting used to it is that the Right button is sorta loose or idk how to say it. Like when i'm resting my fingers on the mouse it feels like 1 more gram and i'm gonna accidentally click it. This only happens with the right button, the left one is more firm. It's kinda stressful since i can't relax my hand on the mouse. Is this supposed to happen? Can anyone else who has this mouse tell me how it is for them? Like is this a feature that i need to get used to or is the mouse faulty?
  3. If you have a CORSAIR Force LE200 SSD, firmware version 50.9 is available and addresses the "SATAFIRM" issue that has been reported. Please download the CORSAIR SSD Toolbox here and upgrade your Force LE200's firmware ASAP. In CSSDT, click on your Force LE200 SSD, and then click on "Firmware Update" to begin the process. If you've already encountered the "SATAFIRM" issue on your Force LE200, please grab the drive's serial number (either from SSD Toolbox or by looking at its label) and contact customer support for assistance.
  4. Hi, I am living in Turkey and studying Computer Engineering at Çukurova University.I am codding some simple program and editing video&photograph with Adobe Premiere and Photoshop.I am also using 128 GB SSD but it is not enough for me.Also as a University student I am playing some computer games.I wrote an e-mail to Corsair Support and they led me here.I need a new SSD but I can not buy new one because in Turkey hardwares are very expensive because 1$ = 3.7 Turkish Liras.Turkey is do not have own hardware company like Corsair.Think that Corsair Force MP500 480 GB is 1300$.How can you buy it?I give a photo here about MP500 Price in Hepsiburada(Hepsiburada is a kind of online-shopping site like Amazon but it only sell in Turkey).As you see MP500 480 GB is 1300 Turkish Liras(TL).I see that Corsair support generally gamers but would you support one time computer engineers?Really I need it.
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