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Raid 0 with SSD Force 60 not very consistent? Help


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Hello to all.


I've installed a Raid 0 using 2 corsair force 60gb ssd.

Even though the performance is high... i'm not getting the same performance i see in so many benchmarks that, give a average read/write of +500Mb.


Bench of my raid




So, is there any catch to improve performance on this?

It's not that i'm not happy or i will notice anything, i just want to know what variables must i be aware, performance wise, that can change how SSD's perform.


An the graph is all messed up ... the picture bellow is very consistent.

I have the OS installed on the SSD RAID


Here's a bench of another force raid( 40Gb not 60 )



Thank you


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Ok system is filled and here's the screens








It's weird, writing higher values compared to reading...


PS.1) I installed latest Intel Rapid Storage driver too.

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They like you to test with ATTO because it provides easily compressible data. HD Tune pro might be reading/writing random uncompressed/uncompressible data.


Kind of a 'gotcha' of Sandforce based SSD's if you will - highly dependent on the kind of data you're writing. You'll find even though Intel SSD's are rated "lower", actually usage patterns puts the Intel drives as high, if not higher performing on average.


I'm currently running 2x120GB drives in RAID 0 configuration at the moment, while having tested the Intel drives and paying close attention to good reviews. It's the 4K read/write performance that generally will give you the feeling of snappiness on these drives. Maximum sustained throughput doesn't mean much for every day use, especially since if you're installing things from a DVD or CD, or from a storage HD... you're not likely to see even half of that maximum sustained transfer rate.


Kind of misleading... but two things with SSD's are the extremely quick random access time, and the 4K read/write performance.

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Chroner, thanks for the reply. My only problem is the inconsistent graph i got with HD tune. I usually see the benches and they look almost like a flat line, without any major spikes ... Mine is all messed up.


My question is, are the benches that i see, with almost flat line consistency and with higher read/write values and access time, clean drives, that are installed as a 2nd hard drive, and not running an OS?

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Your numbers look good.


Instead of worring yourself to death about a benchie, load up your games/apps and enjoy.


I use bench checks to check my system against itself if I make a change.


No 2 computers will bench the same so you never really get a truely accurate comparison.

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