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computer froze when started updating firmware


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I just installed my 120GB SSD Force120 drive, and first thing I lunched the firmware update tool. after loading the firmware and pressing update the comp forzed that instant, mouse pointer doesn't respond.


It's a P55 evga board, on Win7 64bit.

I'm writing this from my laptop, what should I do next? won't a restart brick my drive?

or how much time does the update take?

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well I can still recognize the drive after the reset, I figured the problem is probably because AHCI was disabled.. problem is when I configure bios to work on it windows get a BSOD while loading. I guess I'm missing the correct drivers. now even with AHCI disabled im getting BSOD.. :/


EDIT: did the microsoft AHCI fix, then changed in bios, now the upgrade went smooth, got firmware 2.0 :) tnx!

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