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Found 4 results

  1. So I updated my mouses firmware to the most recent update and now my mouse has double click, i have tried resetting it, deleting iCue like 3 times and still. I am trying to update my mouse to an older update but i dont know where i can find it
  2. Hey Folks, on my current build I forgot that you cannot really connect different fans into one RGB hub, so I connected 3 HD120 and 3 LL120 Fans to it, which obviously didn't work as I intended. But while trying to figure out if I might get it working I started to understand how the ICUE software with the Lightning Node and RGB hub works. I noticed that it didn't really glitch out with weird flickering or something else I expected, with the only issue being that the LED's are misaligned. Exactly by 4, which is the number of LEDs the LL fans have more than the HD fans. So I figured out, that the software sees the fans just as one long RGB strip and plays the desired effects based on the fan setting you set the channel on. So when you have 3 fans with 12 LEDs each. The controller sees 36 LEDs and breaks them into 12 LED chunks and if you set the wrong fan the LEDs just get misaligned. So my actual question is, why can't you specify for example that you have 6 fans in channel 1 and the first 3 fans are HD fans and the second 3 are LL fans. Is this feature possible to implement in the software? tl;dr: the node sees the Fans from the hub as one RGB strip and not as actual fans, which means there shouldn't be a limit to fan variety.
  3. Ich habe mein Maus schon über ein Jahr reibungslos nutzen können. Doch seit einer Weile fangt meine Mauszeiger an zu teleportieren. Es fängt damit an das der Maus einfach für 1-2 Sekunden stehenbleibt und dann wieder anfängt zu funktionieren. Meistens nachdem es zum ersten mal ein freezed funktionieren dann die Makros "Zurück" und "Weiterleiten" nicht mehr. Danach fängt die Maus immer mehr an einfach stehen zu bleiben und ändert die DPI von selber (höher). Ich habe schon die Software mehrmals neuinstalliert. Und die Maus auch öfters ge- Soft/Hard- resetet. Und meistens funktioniert die Maus wenn ich es neu einstecke, doch nur für eine kurze Zeit bleibt es so. Danach habe ich bemerkt das bei der Software das kleine Symbol mit dem Warndreieck aufgetaucht ist. Und das der Warndreieck weg geht wen ich die Maus neu einstecke. Und ich habe auch beobachtet das wen die Maus einfriert das die Software manchmal meine Maus nicht mehr erkennt und nicht mehr anzeigt. Auch komisch ist das nur die Makros "Zurück" und "Weiterleiten" nicht mehr funktionieren und die restlichen schon. Die RGB`s funktionieren reibungslos. Ich denke das es nicht an der Hardware liegt sondern an die Software. Ausserdem habe ich die Maus auch an anderen Computern (ohne ICUE programm) ausbrobiert, doch es funktioniert nicht. Ich bitte den Kundendienst um Hilfe den ich mag die Maus sehr und möchte sehr ungern meine Maus wechseln. Und ja ich benutze einen Mauspad.
  4. Got a bunch of issues that randomly started occurring and it is seemingly a software issue. Basically, the profile I have set and applied to my K70 RGB MK.2 and H100i Pro keeps randomly shutting off. It does one of two things, goes completely black on both the keyboard and cooler, or it turns on some weird multi-colored array with white and bronze colors among others. From what I can tell this usually only happens when I either lock my computer and come back after a fair bit of time, or after I turn it back on from sleep. When I fully close iCUE and re-open it, it applies the color profile I have perfectly fine, but it never stays. When it either goes fully black or has the weird multi-colored array it doesn't take any changes in iCUE (even instant lighting) until I fully close and reopen the program. Things I've Tried: Updating iCUE Checking for firmware updates/forcing current update through Clearing Memory on Keyboard Reinstalling/Unistalling iCUE Here's some screenshots I took of iCUE when the lighting issues have occured, and what it looks like normally: https://imgur.com/a/0j7NIv9 I've also attached a .zip file containg the system info / logs export from iCUE. Hopefully I can get this fixed cause it's driving me nuts. Also as a sidenote, the only RGB software I have installed currently aside from iCUE is MSI Mystic Light to control my motherboard and graphics card lighting. I did have G.SKILL's lighting control for their RAM installed at one point but it never worked for my kit so I uninstalled it (another issue I'll have to deal with eventually). System Info & Logs.zip
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