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Found 21 results

  1. Just yesterday I started having problems with the keyboard, the RGB is shown with lag or is stopped and no keys work and in icue it shows me the following error: Error not available
  2. So I just bought the K95 and I got all my lights set up how I want. Starts with a Solid color then I have two (2) Color Waves crossing each other from left to right and right to left. Now when iCUE first starts up after a fresh boot, the lighting effects start properly, but then the Color Wave effects stop and can't be turned back on unless I restart iCUE. Just wondering if there is a work around for this. Thanks!
  3. Hola, hace unos cuantos meses adquirí el teclado K95 Platinum, y hasta ahora no había presentado problemas, ahorita me percate que el switch de la tecla 1 del num pad esta parpadeando al igual que el led de lo de silenciar. Alguien sabe por que sucede esto y si tiene solución? o tendré que usar la garantía?
  4. So you guys probably get this question a lot, but I've got a K95 Platinum with iCUE and everything is working fine...except the media keys and iTunes. The volume wheel and mute work fine and have done straight out of the box, only the play/pause, skip and stop buttons! Everything is up to date on the keyboard, software, iTunes and Windows 10 Pro (64-bit) and it's a new build so it's never had another keyboard attached, so shouldn't have any other drivers!
  5. Hi I have a K95 keyboard that is about 6 months old & it has started behaving weirdly. The Q & A keys started spitting out random letters for instance. (a) yuiopq hjkal;'DFGS adfghjskl;' (q) ieopqrw erwiopuy[qt rtiopuyqw Every space is a new keystroke but and all other keys seem to work OK. I looked it up & tried reinstalling iCue but it has the same issue with or without iCue installed & when I tried it on another computer it had the same problem. Anyway, as per the advice on the forum, I was looking at RMAing it when I decided to look at the firmware & discovered it is now listed as a Japanese layout. I am from the UK. I have tried to force the update of the firmware but my keyboard then dissapears from iCue & I have to them disconnect it & then reconnect it. So am I being stupid & somehow managed to change my keyboard settings or is my keyboard truly had it & needs to be replaced? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hey, i recently bought a k95 platinum, i already have the m65 pro so i updated the profiles, so they're sincronized now, the only issue i have is because when i lock the windows (win+L) my keybord lights turn off, how do i turn it on?
  7. Hello Corsair forum users, I was wondering if somebody knows if there is a bad batch of coilwhine boards. I'm currently using a G413 Carbon red/black which i won with a Facebook post, but now i would like to get an RGB keyboard. So i was looking around for a keyboard that has nice RGB LED's and looks awsome and is build decent. The board has to be from aluminum and the keys has to be PBT instead of ABS, or there must be an upgrade available for the PBT keycaps. So i first went for the Huntsman Elite, and after connecting it to my computer, i noticed a massive coilwhine sound. At the end i tried 3 units and all of them had coilwhine... I had to look for something different. So i noticed the Corsair K95 Platinum XT, perfect i thought. The looks are great and its solid. So i bought the board and the first thing i did noticed after i plugged it in to my computer, was the coilwhine... This time the coilwhine is less then the Huntsman one, but still audible and that annoys me. After trying 3 units of coilwhine boards i was done... I tried the old K95 version so not the XT version, and guess what... it has audible coilwhine... I quit my mission for looking for a decent keyboard, because i dont think there is any decent keyboard without coilwhine and with PBT keycaps at this moment. So my question is, is there a bad batch of coilwhine units? What i did discovered was, the coilwhine is audible on a different way with different colors. I tried different PC's and laptops to check if it was a fault of my computer, but that was not the case. Everytime the LED's were turned on, it was audible on every device. I bought the keyboard from different vendors and even a replace from Corsair. I dont like the fact that there is no keyboard at this moment that has PBT keycaps with RGB and no coilwhine :[pouts:
  8. Hello, Initially, when I installed the first early-access release of the iCUE software, it would detect my keyboard hardware profiles and replace/import them into iCUE. Now, with the latest update (v3.1.133) I am unable to detect nor restore the default on-board hardware profiles for my K95 Platinum keyboard. All I want to do is restore the factory Rainbow Spiral effect so that it matches all of the rest of my Corsair peripherals during reboot and other activities where iCUE control is not being used. To be clear, the software profiles that I have custom created work as intended and under the new software I am able to have very powerful command over the LED lighting of ALL of my Corsair devices, which is simply fantastic, REALLY enjoying iCUE apart from this problem! I have tried: 1. Clearing onboard storage (through Settings tab in iCUE). This did not initiate the expected restoration of the factory hardware profiles. 2. Attempted creating a manual software profile, but can no longer find the option to write the profile to the onboard hardware storage on the keyboard like I was able to in the prior version. 3. Full re-installation of iCUE (after destruction of ALL registry and appdata traces of Corsair Utility Engine). Could anyone tell me the trick on how to wipe out and fully factory restore the hardware profiles on my keyboard? I'm at a loss here, and asking the community for advice before I raise a lengthy support case with the Corsair support team. My concern is that the onboard storage tables have been corrupted and are no longer usable without Corsair actually sending me a replacement keyboard to correct my issues. Thanks in advance, Bearmonkey
  9. I've had the k95 for about 2 years now and have had no problems with it. Today, I spilled a small amount of water on it, causing it to glitch and send random inputs to the computer. After taking some time to dry it out and get rid of the water, it returned back to normal. Things were well and fine until it suddenly crashed (don't know if this is what actually happened but it looked like it). All of the LEDs stopped working (turned off) and no inputs were registered. Oddly enough, a hard reset fixes it for about 5-10 minutes, before it crashes again. This can be done repeatedly with the same result. Since it works after a hard reset, the mechanics mighy still be working at the very least. I tried forcing the hardware to update through ICUE and updating ICUE itself. I tried switching it to BIOS mode and back, which doesn't do anything. Hard resets give me a short amount of time. Sorry for misspellings or incorrect grammar, I'm on my phone.
  10. I am deciding to get myself a new keyboard, and I really want to get a K95 platinum. However, the K95 does not have the option for blue switches so I have to resort to the K70 MK.2. Please put the option for blue switches on the K95 platinum ok ty.:biggrin:
  11. Here's what I know about each keyboard K70: -lower price -more switch choices -rgb logo K95: -light bar -only 2 switch choices -macro keys -better look Please tell me which one I should get because I am seriously considering buying one or the other because they are the two best choices for me.
  12. Hi, I recently purchased a K95 RGB Platinum and i bought it in German by mistake is there anywhere I can buy specific key caps in English so i can substitute the keys I need
  13. Hey, so I had this problem with CUE 2 that made my keyboard profile switching and brightness and Super lock keys useless after like 5 minutes. Now I switched to iCUE latest version (3.2.87) and everything works properly but my K95 Platinum LEDs are flickering randomly. I tried a clean reinstall and profile switching to no avail. I'm very sure this is a software bug as the keyboard works with no problems without the software and there's no trace of the LED flicker without the software running... What should I do? EDIT: By LEDs I mean the Profile switcher, brightness and the Super lock key LEDs.
  14. Hi, so I have a K95 Platinum RGB and the latest CUE installed. So I created a profile and saved it to the onboard storage but as soon as I exit CUE it changes my profile to the standard profile and I can't change it with the profile key on my keyboard. The only way to change back to the profile is if I enter the CUE software again and click on the onboard storage with the profile on it. But if I don't even close the program but only minimize it or klick on the desktop it switches to the standard profile. I hope someone can help me here
  15. Im posting here to ask how to make the 4 Macro on my mouse activate a keyboard lighting effect specifically the ripple lighting I play warframe and i got the 4 key on my keyboard to activate the ripple effect but I prefer using my mouse buttons to activate the abilities in game what im trying to do is make the ability and the keyboard lighting actiavte from a key on the side of my mouse
  16. Well I've had this keyboard for over half a year now and now for some reason, the E and K keys do not work ( I am using my STRAFE RGB as of this moment because of this) at first the keyboard wasn't showing the right lights and some keys weren't working like they're being unresponsive :!: at least the lights work and now Y just realized when I press the Y key once it and yes I am certain I am pressing it once it duplicates the Y and makes it yyy y is the only key that I've noticed doing this I've also been aware that there is a soft reset and a hard reset can anyone help me out?
  17. Hi! I was wondering if there is any Music Visualizer for the K95 Platinum? I see so many with the K70 but not many for the K95 Platinum, I have downloaded CEE and "technically" its working but its just flashing colors to the music but not an accurate spectrograph. Thanks for any help :)
  18. Today I installed CUE 3.1.131 (iCUE) and I absolutely love it! I really like the new look and all the new features. The only problem I've noticed so far is a minor bug that has to do with the 3 buttons on the top left of the K95 Platinum keyboard (profile switch, brightness and windows lock). So the problem is that sometimes these 3 buttons blink for some reason. They work normally though, it only has to do with the lighting of the buttons. So yeah I posted this so you guys know about it and hopefully it gets fixed soon. :biggrin: Here's an example: [ame=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMXgbOoh-zw]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMXgbOoh-zw[/ame]
  19. I've updated iCUE to the latest verison yet this problem just won't go away. :(: Please find a solution for it.[ame=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMXgbOoh-zw]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMXgbOoh-zw[/ame]
  20. Hey, So i bought the K95 Platinum RGB about a month ago. I expereinced some issues with the ICUE at the start but got to fix them. The issue now is that my Macros randomly stop working. The ICUE is working fine and it also shows the macros on the ICUE profile. Now I can fix this issue by Restarting my Pc. I only use macros for Discord Mute & other "not that" important buttons. It's also "only" happening about once a day, still annoying. Didn't find anything in the internet about this issue. Problem isn't "that big" of a deal, still.. i kind of expect everything to work 100% for that price. Cheers.
  21. Today I updated CUE to version 2.24.35 and everything was fine until I noticed none of my macros were working. I restarted CUE and they worked again but after a while they stopped working again. So after some troubleshooting I found out that the macros stop working everytime I use the volume wheel. I mean like after using the volume wheel. I really hope they fix this glitch soon because it's extremly irritating having to restart CUE after everytime I use the volume wheel!!:mad: Like what the heck Corsair?:confused:
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