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Found 13 results

  1. I understand cue is eol, but I don't use rgb, have only the scimitar rgb(i turn off the lights because my hands are sweaty enough) for icue/cue to control and would rather stay away from the monitoring/system overhead that is included in icue if there could be an issue with it. So install cue 2.x and don't be concerned(had been using cue 1.x with no issues on my previous machine), or install icue 3.6? does icue offer any addtl benefit other than rgb and fan monitoring(my aorus z370 MB controls both noctua d15 fans and 5 case fans)? Can icue's monitoring be completely disabled? thanks in advance.
  2. I haven't seen this pop up lately so I thought I'd ask... Running CUE 2.9.53 with a K70 RGB and Scimitar. This has happened occasionally in the past as well so don't believe it's a new problem, or how much of it is actually CUE-related. Sometimes when I cold-boot my computer into Win7 Pro and after CUE has initialized, my K70 is functioning as expected but my Scimitar is dark and completely nonfunctional. I have to reboot the computer via the keyboard and when it has rebooted, CUE finds the keyboard and mouse as expected. The thing is, when I turn my computer on and it's starting to boot, both keyboard and mouse are powered up and functional. Once Windows has started to load they're functional and using the onboard lighting schemes. It's only when CUE loads does it seem to hiccup and cut power to the mouse. I do not recall ever seeing this behavior when the system is simply rebooted, but it does seem to happen maybe 10-20% of the time it's powered up when I come home from work. I know the keyboard is plugged into a USB 3.0 port and I believe the Scimitar is as well. Since it's happening during the boot process and the computer is loading a ton of crap in the background, it could very well be a timing glitch. I'm just curious if anyone else has ever experienced it. Thanks.
  3. Hallo, ich benutzte seit längerem die Scimitar RGB und die Makro Erstellung funktioniert generell sehr gut. Das einzige, was mir schon zu beginn aufgefallen ist, dass die Erkennung der Tastendrücke der eins US-Layouts entspricht und nicht einer deutschen Tastatur. Sprich es ist für mich unmöglich z.B. ein "ß" in ein Makro zu verbauen, da es auf englischen Tastaturen einfach nicht vorhanden ist. Dazu meine Frage. Ist es möglich dies zu ändern, so dass CUE meine Tastatur als deutsch erkennt. Verwundert hat mich schon, dass im Demo Modus der K95 nur die Layouts Nordamerikanisch, Taiwanisch und Chinesisch vorhanden sind. Freue mich auf eure Hilfe. Ascalite
  4. Bonjour, Je possède depuis moins d'un an une souris Corsair Scimitar RGB, et depuis le début un problème récurent : la souris reste éteinte au démarrage de l'ordinateur. Je n'ai à ce jour trouvé aucune solution, j'ai testé tous les port USB de ma carte mère, j'ai désinstaller puis ré-installer le pilote de la souris, j'ai été jusqu'à formater l'ordinateur complet. Rien à faire il me faut régulièrement 2 démarrage pour faire reconnaître ma souris. J'ai bien sur fait les mises à jours du firmware (2.04) et de CUE (2.15.83). Nada ca ne veut pas. :sigh!: Ma souris serait elle défectueuse? j'ai vu un autre post sur ce forum sans aucune réponse a ce sujet mais moi je ne compte pas lâcher l'affaire. Je suis sous Windows 10 64bits, ma config est neuve et je n'ai aucun autre problème que celui la. Dans l'attente de vous lire Merci
  5. Over the past couple of days I've been noticing CUE doesn't immediately come out of screensaver mode when the rest of the computer has already done so. I effectively have two different profiles - my normal one and a color wave that kicks in when my screensaver is activated. The keyboard is a K70 RGB and the mouse is a Scimitar. I'm running CUE v2.14.67. If the screensaver has been active for just a few minutes, a slight nudge of the mouse will shut off the screensaver and the keyboard and mouse revert to their normal profiles. If screensaver mode has been on "longer", I can move the mouse and the monitor goes back to its regular display, but neither the keyboard or the mouse will go back to normal coloring until I actually hit a key. Don't recall if clicking a mouse button will do the same thing as a keypress. Was wondering if anybody has noticed similar behavior on their systems. Thx.
  6. I posted this in other forums, but considering that my issue is now only when I move my Corsair mouse, I've decided it is probably specific to this product and that I should probably post my issue here. First noticed this in WoW, but at this point it happens in all games AND everywhere else on my computer. I could be typing in browser and if I nudge my mouse, my FPS will dip to like 5-10 FPS. Initially it was only when I moved my mouse itself, but it was also an issue with my mousepad as well for a short amount of time as well. The mousepad solved itself, not sure how or why. I've run malware scans and taken care of any potential issues there, however I doubt that would've been causing an inconvenience such as this. I repaired the install on corsair utility engine and I've totally uninstalled the program as well. I've updated my mouse drivers. Nothing seems to help the issue and I haven't seen any other sort of advice here or anywhere else about this. Unsure what to do at this point and also unsure if this is even the best place to be posting this, but I'm hopeful. If you have any advice on a solution or a better place to ask this question, I appreciate any responses of the nature. Mouse is a Corsair Scimitar RGB and I run on Windows 10. In addition, I have discovered that it only causes lag on the window that I have in the fore front. So if I have a video playing on youtube in the background, but some other window in front of it like my control panel, moving the mouse won't cause any issue with the video. However, when I switch to the window with youtube playing, moving the mouse at all causes terrible FPS drops.
  7. I think making a list will serve best here for I have been working on this for the last 5 or 6 hours. When I enter CUE 2.0 I get the error message that the macro controls are not functioning. I forgot the exact wordage but I see a lot of people on these forums have brought up the same thing. I have a K70 Lux RGB as well. I just got the Scimitar today, its a yellow panel, RGB, 12k DPI one. I was using a Razer Epic Naga Pro for about 4 years prior to today(and its looking like I am being forced to go back to it.) I have tried both the newest version of CUE (2.xxx) and the 1.xxx version. I have also tried to repair installs each time before uninstalling. I have tried on a default profile and on a profile I created. I have tried all options(record macro, remap, etc..) I have went through device manager and deleted all devices that are no longer being used. (uninstalled the drivers etc..). I have used CC cleaner a number of times as well. The top bottons work with raising and lowering DPI however when I try to map another key to those it also doesn't work. So basically I go into CUE, make a macro or remap, and when I hit that button on the mouse CUE just freezes and no longer responds. I have done basically everything short of reinstalling windows and flashing my BIOS, which honestly I don't think anyone should ever have to do to be able to use a mouse. I am going absolutley insane. I see a ton of other threads pop up when I search on google that link to this forum but the solution is never included on any of the threads. Its the same responses to each of them (have you repaired, have you reinstalled, etc etc.). I am at a loss here boys. I really don't want to go back to my Razer or another company but after calling Corsair and dealing with this for so long it's starting to look like the best solution. I have also put in a ticket but since today is Friday I will have to wait until Monday to get any word back. I will be mashing refresh on this thread for the rest of the night. Thank you to anyone that read this far and sorry for typos and what not for I am going crazy.
  8. Ok, I saw today that CUE v2.9.53 was released. I thought "Let's give it another chance" so I downloaded it and let it install over v2.6.79. No errors, other than the obvious one that of the six profiles I had in CUE, only three were being shown and my main one, labeled "Default" was completely wiped clean of EVERY SINGLE LIGHTING EFFECT I HAD CREATED. Not only that, but EVERYTHING in MY "Default" profile was gone. My K70 and Scimitar are lacking every single specialization I had generated. In fact, the K70 keyboard is completely dark except for the brightness button and winlock button. Ok, so it's an inconvenience...I'll just re-import all six profiles which I had saved only a couple weeks ago when I found that v2.7.78 was a piece of garbage. Well, the profiles would NOT import! I could go through the motions but they would not appear in the list. I said "fine", uninstalled v2.9 and reinstalled 2.6.79, at least THAT worked for me! Once v2.6 was installed, all profiles with the exception of the dark "default" were gone from CUE. Trying to re-import them was an absolute waste of time because now NOTHING AT ALL can be loaded....NOTHING!!! WTF Corsair???? How many beta testers are testing this software, two? And are both of them testing on the developer's computers??? Here's a novel idea - how about going through a beta test regimen of more than a couple days using something even remotely related to larger than a couple test beds and release something that DOES NOT TRASH ONE'S CONFIGURATIONS!!! Right now I'm praying that this POS software will let me rebuild my configurations from scratch and good thing I took a week off from work...not that I wanted to spend it d*****g with this crap! And yes, I am pi**ed.:mad:
  9. Hallo liebe Community, ich hab ein sehr komisch Problem und weiß nicht wie ich es lösen soll. Ich besitze das VoidRGB und die StrafeRGB und hatte dies mit der CUE bedient und alles hat wunderbar funktioniert. Gestern hab ich mir die Scimitar PRO RGB und diese wurde nicht von der CUE erkannt, ich hab gedacht das es evtl. an der neuen software liegt und habe mir CUE 2.9.53 runter geladen. Nun jetzt kommt es, die alte Software hab ich vorher deinstalliert und wollte die neue draufspielen, aber jedesmal wenn ich versuche diese zu installieren kommt nachdem ich den Ordner für das Programm ausgesucht habe und ich auf weiter klicke das dass Programm beendet wird da es wegen einen Fehler nicht installiert werden kann. Dazu kommt ein Log indem folgendes steht. MSI (s) (98:DC) [18:57:47:234]: Running installation inside multi-package transaction D:\Downloads\CorsairUtilityEngineSetup_2.9.53_release.msi MSI (s) (98:DC) [18:57:47:234]: Grabbed execution mutex. MSI (s) (98:24) [18:57:47:236]: Resetting cached policy values MSI (s) (98:24) [18:57:47:236]: Machine policy value 'Debug' is 0 MSI (s) (98:24) [18:57:47:236]: ******* RunEngine: ******* Product: D:\Downloads\CorsairUtilityEngineSetup_2.9.53_release.msi ******* Action: ******* CommandLine: ********** MSI (s) (98:24) [18:57:47:237]: Machine policy value 'DisableUserInstalls' is 0 MSI (s) (98:24) [18:57:47:250]: Note: 1: 2203 2: C:\WINDOWS\Installer\inprogressinstallinfo.ipi 3: -2147287038 MSI (s) (98:24) [18:57:47:252]: SRSetRestorePoint skipped for this transaction. MSI (s) (98:24) [18:57:47:253]: MainEngineThread is returning 2 MSI (s) (98:DC) [18:57:47:253]: No System Restore sequence number for this installation. === Verbose logging started: 20.01.2017 18:57:47 Build type: SHIP UNICODE 5.00.10011.00 Calling process: C:\Users\KOMBIZ~1\AppData\Local\Temp\MSI609\InstallerGui.exe === MSI © (40:F4) [18:57:47:224]: Resetting cached policy values MSI © (40:F4) [18:57:47:224]: Machine policy value 'Debug' is 0 MSI © (40:F4) [18:57:47:224]: ******* RunEngine: ******* Product: D:\Downloads\CorsairUtilityEngineSetup_2.9.53_release.msi ******* Action: ******* CommandLine: ********** MSI © (40:F4) [18:57:47:225]: Client-side and UI is none or basic: Running entire install on the server. MSI © (40:F4) [18:57:47:225]: Grabbed execution mutex. MSI © (40:F4) [18:57:47:226]: Cloaking enabled. MSI © (40:F4) [18:57:47:226]: Attempting to enable all disabled privileges before calling Install on Server MSI © (40:F4) [18:57:47:226]: Incrementing counter to disable shutdown. Counter after increment: 0 MSI © (40:F4) [18:57:47:258]: Decrementing counter to disable shutdown. If counter >= 0, shutdown will be denied. Counter after decrement: -1 MSI © (40:F4) [18:57:47:259]: MainEngineThread is returning 2 === Verbose logging stopped: 20.01.2017 18:57:47 === Ich hab keine ahnung wie ich die Software nun ans laufen bekommen soll, ich hab mich so gefreut mein Setup nun farblich anzupassen und kann jetzt nichts mehr machen. Mit freundlichen Grüßen KombiZangA edit: Ich hab jetzt einfach ordner erstellt wo ich die software hinhaben möchte, dort die exe. datei reingepackt und aufeinmal geht es ohne fehler o.O mega komisch
  10. Hi all, I just got a new Scimitar RGB mouse and spent a few hours setting up all my macros and hotkeys for it yesterday. I also have a ton of macros on my K95 RGB keyboard, for things like spamming powers in Warframe and whatnot. Problem is, I previously had a Vengeance M90 mouse and because it was running on much older 5-y/o CUI software, it wasn't interfering with the keyboard. But now that both my keyboard and mouse are modern and using the same CUI, I'm having some issues with the side buttons on the mouse causing macros on the keyboard to stop. For example, I have a macro on the keyboard that spams E over and over, or another that spams leftclick over and over (ie rapid-fire macro for semi-automatic weapons). I then press one of the 12 side keys on my mouse and that macro stops. Here is an image of my CUI with the rapid-fire macro: http://i.imgur.com/dIGfoPa.png and here is the CUI for one of my side-button remappings for the mouse: http://i.imgur.com/aIEOcLm.png If you need more than this, let me know. Ideally I'd like to be able to press my remapped side keys and not disable the macros going on the mouse. To put it in perspective, I should be able to press my key to activate the alt-fire on my weapon while Ability Spam 3 is going. Otherwise right now if I'm spamming an ability and then detonate a grenade, the ability spam will cease. Thanks for any help you guys can offer.
  11. Hey Everyone/Corsair, Been trying my best for the past 2 days to make this mice work using CUE 2.8.70 with no luck. Loves the mice tho, it's really comfortable (I don't want to bring it back to the vendor, it was a gift). The thing is... I came across a LOT of issues using this software and I was wondering if it were still on BETA? 1. When I first installed the software an error occurred saying: "Corsair Utility Engine macro execution is not working properly. Please repair installation of Corsair Utility Engine." Which I repaired and it did absolutely nothing. 2. Firmware update for Scimitar RGB (v1.06 to v2.04) fails instantly when I click update. Did some research, I tried ALL the USB plugs I could find in the house. Also when I try to update, the mice just disappear from the list in CUE (have to unplug mice OR restart software). 3. When I try to update the Software, it says: "Update Check, The Corsair Utility Engine has detected an error during software update check." 4. Next is the config for Actions. Hmmm, it's really intuitive no problem what so ever... until software stop working and I lose all my macros I just created. I really tried my best! I even tried the older version 1.16.42 that was available on corsair downloads page. Not going back there, the software was freezing instantly on start up. Run as administrator and Compatibility Mode did not change a thing. I might not be the brightest one, but on my point of view the Mice is not the issue here. When plugged in she acts like any other mice (Lights/dpi working properly). What is the point of having a BIG guy with a 1 inch THICK ARMOR and the BIG sword (AKA Mice) with no GUTS and a fear of SPIDERS (AKA CUE)? I apology for my temper! I love this product and I want to see it work properly. I don't want to think of Corsair as THAT business where $$$ means more than client satisfaction. Keep in mind that I will do everything to make it work, the thing is, I can't do this alone! If you guys could share some information to help me (and many others) fix these issues I would be really grateful. Thanks and sorry for the somewhat long read. A Big Fan.
  12. Hi, i received the scimitar rgb around a week ago and after using it for a week i have noticed on my computer boot up, the mouse isnt detected requiring me to unplug and then replug the mouse into the system, however upon doing this, the mouse has a red triangle in settings saying there is a malfunction in cue2. i am running cue 2 version 2.8.70 with the firmware being version 2.04 i am also using the strafe rgb which seems ot be working fine with the software
  13. Hello, im use cue1 with scimitar and all works fine. But when im buy new keyboard k70 i download cue2. Keyboard works but on mice im cant remap key g1/g2/g3 and another, can somoeny help me with this problem. And also i have eror on cue2 (corsair utillity engine macro execution is not working properly. Please repair isntallation of corsair utillity engine) Im try fix this with reinstall,repair and try find any fix on this forum.
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