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Found 7 results

  1. I am able to still use my headphones. I don't know what is wrong I was able to connect them once before, but they haven't been able to connect after that. can Some explain to me why this may be happening?
  2. hi. I have updated my icue to the latest version 4.24.193 yesterday. As usual you can never update this software without crossing your fingers. 95% of the times you fix something and you get another issue on the other side. The last icue update jammed my ram leds hardware lighting. it's set on rain but when i suspend my pc the leds get stuck on just like they are in that moment. so half light up or off. just right there static. os is windows 11 fully updated. icue 4.24.193. my ram sticks are 2x16gb vengeance rgb pro. I removed the 4.24.193 version and re installed the previous 4.23.137 and it's working fine. I wonder why we should always be scared of updating our software instead of being happy to see a new update. that's really sad I think. this rgb stuff only bring problems. I'll never buy any rgb hardware anymore the next time I'll update my pc
  3. First time trying to set up this software so apologies in advance for stupid questions. I'm using 6 QL RGB fans, 1 XD5 Pump/Res, and one XC7 CPU block. Testing the loop and the XD\CPU block RGB working fine. Hook the system up, connect the RGB hub to CM-Pro and the fans light up but XD5 and CPU block go dark. I added the fans and the XD5/CPU to CM-Pro using separate channels and it seems like it recognizes them. I get fan speeds and CPU temps. Stupid question time...... 1. Why do I need to hook the fans into the RGB hub to get them to light up? Originally, I plugged them into the CM-Pro thinking that's what it was for. Now the fans light up, CM-Pro seems happy, but I have no control over the RGB or speed. They just keep running the default lighting pattern and speed. I plugged the USB connection from the Hub directly into one of the USB ports on the CM-Pro. Is this wrong? 2. The RGB coming from the XD5 is a 3-pin connection, so I read I'm supposed to plug that into slot 1 on the CM-Pro LED section. It was there before I added the RGB hub during loop testing and it hasn't moved so why no RGB now? If I try to run the Hydro X wizard in CM-Pro, it asks me what fan port is allocated for it on the CM-Pro. All those slots are 4-pin so I couldn't plug that into it anyway. Obviously, I'm missing something, but I can't figure out what it is. CM-Pro doesn't see the RGB Hub so I'm guessing that's a thing, but I don't know for sure. If it is a thing, how can I get it to see the hub? I'll stop now before I sound stupider than I already do. Any tips to help me get this working will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  4. I notice that rgm on my k95 platimun starts to lag, and the issue is Icue soft If i have the process down it work perfectly, but if the soft if running have this problem. Any ideas??
  5. Hello, I have a h100i and I am using the commander core that came with it to control all my fans. I got 2x ml140 on the radiator and 4x sp120 as case fans. The rgb controlling is working really well but the fan speed isn't. The sp120s doesn't change fan speed, even with fixed rpm. Only the ml140s on the radiator. Please help me fix this issue before the noise from the sp120s has killed my ears. Thanks in advance!
  6. Bonjour, j'ai regardé toutes les réponses que vous avez donné sur le forum, mais je n'ai rien trouvé en rapport avec mon problème... Lors ce que je clique sur "ICUESetup_4.18.209_release" ça me met une erreur : https://imgur.com/YNJeJi3 J'ai bien cherché à régler le problème mais sans résultats... J'ai forcé la désinstallation de ICUE dernièrement car le logiciel ne reconnaissait pas mes barrettes 4x8go corsair vangeance rgb pro 3200mhz, et après ça j'ai essayé de le retélécharger mais le problème est apparu. (j'avais déjà installé le logiciel il y a longtemps pour mon clavier k65 rgb mini)
  7. So I submitted a ticket to Corsair for assistance but they don't seem to have a fix yet and it's getting annoying. I have the k57 RGB and Harpoon RGB mouse. Basically when I swapped out my old HDD for an SSD and had to reinstall all my programs, ICue no longer detects my devices as being connected. Before they upgrade they were connected via slipstream to the mouse dongle, (2 devices, 1 dongle) and all worked great. Then when I changed drives, it no longer detects the devices despite all combinations of connection to my PC. However, the dongle for the keyboard still at least is detected in ICue but it says keyboard isn't connected (because it is currently paired to the one for the mouse via slipstream). Does anyone have an answer for me because corsair support has been going on a month with their own internal forums with no answer and I just want to have my macros and remapping back. Thanks in advance
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