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Found 5 results

  1. I bought a PSU that after a short time became defect. So I started googling the issue and found a Therese where the customer support wrote as an answer ”Just contact us and we’ll send you a new one”. So I did just that, contacted corsair hoping to get a new PSU before the one I got stops working at all. After some days they responded and askes some questions. I answered. After another few days It was approved. But then they wanted me to send my PSU first, but that can’t happen since I work on the PC the PSU is connected to. So after another few days they said they were going to send a PSU to me first. I responed. After another few days they asked for payment. I answered for what? After a few days they said because they are at risk by sending me the PSU first. I replied, So I should be at risk? When it’s you who’ve sold me a defect PSU After Another few days I got an email from ”escalated team” or something. Escalated? Because I’m wondering why I should pay? Anyway she said exactly what the other guy had said but in one email. Now I was so tired of this customer support, takes days for answers and they’re not responding to my questions, only like generalised answers So I pay them the money just so I can get the new PSU atleast. Like $140. After a few days I got an answer saying they’ve sent the new PSU. After a week or so I got it. Now they’ve stopped responding to my messages about a return label for the other PSU so I can get my money back. No answers in a week. So I called them and there was this dude answering and I explained that I need a return label to send the PSU back so I can get my money back. He was like ”it’s not working” So he redirected me to another dude who I needed to explain everything again. He asked me to hold and then was like ”It’s not working” He said he was going to contact me later, but I doubt it... I feel kinda scammed This has taken more then THREE months! I just want my money back... I knew i never should’ve paid.. Sorry for my bad English, it’s not my mothertongue.
  2. Hey, I have a ticket regarding the H50 AIO and what TDP it is rated for, if anyone could point me in the right direction that'd be greatly appreciated :D: edit: PS ticket id is 2000771658
  3. Has anyone else been having trouble with the Corsair one customer service? I’ve filed an advanced RMA request days ago and was told to call back in order to process the advanced RMA. I must have called back 7-10 times and every time I have been put to the side and told that the Corsair one team is not available, not in, in a meeting, etc. This is unacceptable. I have a faulty unit that isn’t working and they just throw me to the curb? Ticket number: 736762
  4. The Corsair One Pro I’ve had since Christmas stopped working recently due to an error in production of one batch that caused the motherboards in a ton of units to be defective, and end up making your computer completely shot after a few months of use. Thankfully, since this is a well known issue, they give you the option of either sending your computer in to get repaired and then sent back out, or them putting a hold on your card as they send you a replacement, and you ship your broken computer back to them. Both totally reasonable. It took eleven days for customer support to get back to me about scheduling a shipping date for the express replacement. ELEVEN DAYS. Over the course of these eleven days, I called several times asking to speak with someone that could help me, and every single time I got someone who said they weren’t on my ticket and couldn’t change it without it being a hassle, and that I should just expect a call back by the end of the day. 4 different people told me that on 4 different days in a row. Not one person I spoke to could be bothered to get the ticket changed over to them to help me get this done. After all that, we finally get everything settled and have a shipping address set. The person on my ticket says she'll send me a shipping confirmation by the end of the day. No confirmation. Next day comes, and I call to ask about it. They say my shipping has been delayed, but that today is my GUARANTEED shipping day, and that I should get a shipping confirmation by the end of the day. Its now the end of the day, and again, no confirmation. So I call again, saying that I’d called earlier asking about a shipping confirmation and still haven’t received one. They tell me my shipping day has been delayed AGAIN. And that I should call tomorrow AGAIN if I still don’t have a confirmation AGAIN. I have been as absolutely bright and kind and understanding as I can possibly be through this process, but this is getting absurd. I feel walked on because I haven't yelled at anybody or asked to speak with a manager or an executive. Corsair has great products, I love their stuff. While it was working, the computer was a dream, and I’ve loved their mice and keyboards for years. But man do I pity anyone who has any sort of problem with any of Corsair's products and has to go through customer support, because this is by far the worst customer support experience I’ve ever been through. For reference, my ticket number is 719063 for any Corsair staff that see this.
  5. Just a reminder of Corsair's terrible customer support. If you want a refund for your purchase, don't expect to receive anything at all, once you send your parcel through to their processing office. I haven't received a refund for my keyboard that I sent on 18th August 2017 with tracked and signed delivery. Corsair has been delaying my refund ever since. I keep being told the same information that the person who deals with refunds is currently not in office. I called many times between these 3 months and nothing but time waste, headache and delays. I was told to provide my bank information for a wire transfer, I provided this information two months ago and still nothing. I acknowledge that it may take up to 6-8 weeks to process. But come on, it's been more than double that time by now. Each time I call for an update on my refund, I keep getting the same responce. That is, a colleague named "Diana" will be forwarded this message. I don't know who this person is, but it seems like she is not doing her job. I have only one option left now and that is to file fraud for not refunding my item that I have sent, which has been signed by the recipient address (provided by corsair). Just a message to everyone else that corsair has the worst customer support and I would avoid any product purchases from this company in the future. Considering that the products are also most likely to turn out faulty by this company.
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