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Corsair H150I ELITE CAPELLIX XT and 7800x3D -Idle temps high new build

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Hi All,

I just build a new system with a Ryzen 7 7800x3d and a cooler Corsair H150I ELITE CAPELLIX XT , but the idle temperatures while just browsing for example are too high (around 60-70c) considering that other users report temperatures of 30-40c for this processor in idle.

Gaming temps are around 75c-85c  and the coolant temp is to low considering this temps , Corsair ICUE reports 32c for the coolant.

I get this temps while my fans and pum are on extreme , if i set mode at quiet , temps are considerable higher.

I re check the installation at least 5 times , everything seems to be fine . Im familiar with the installation because my previous cooler was a Corsair h110i. I leave hear some pics showing hwinfo , core temps and ICUE. The most interesting for me is that hwinfo show individual core temps between 30-45c but others software show above 60.



The case flow is 3 front 120mm fan air in , two 140mm bottoms air in , one 140mm back air out and the corsair cooler sending air out from the top.

I used a few different thermal paste in the process of re installing the cooler ,Bear Grizzly  Hydronout , Artic silver 5 and Artic silver mx-4

Is probably that the cooler came fault ?  Maybe monitoring software are incompatible between each other ? Any recommendations why I'm getting this temps ?

Thank you very much in advance!

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the IO die is always hot, so it's not surprising to see Tctrl being the highest. the cores seem to be in the ranges you'd expect if i see it right (the screenshot is low res, but on HWinfo, the core temps seem to be ~40°C with the IO die at 63).

I imagine core temp shows you the IO die temperature while iCUE shows you core temps, and HWinfo has both.

Apart from that, it's a toasty chip, all X3D are harder to cool.

out of curiosity, what ram speed are you running?

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