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Icue 5.8.130 - syncing problems


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Where to begin,

I have a K70 RGB Mk2 keyboard

H100i RGB Platinum 240mm AIO

2 x 16gb Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 3200

2 x RAM Enhancement Pack


I have been having problems with my K70 RGB Mk2 not syncing with Icue at start. I would need to unplug it every day to get it to use right colors. So I thought, I get a new keyboard.

I did that yesterday, using a wireless KB now. Not Corsair. No software required.

Start PC today, my AIO isn't linking to Icue now. It seemingly wasn't running any fan curves.

restarted PC to see if that helps. It loads the rgb theme at start and then I hear the USB connect noise and it loads the hardware profile on fans and no idea about what fan curve it runs but it seems too relaxed.

uninstalled Icue and deleted profiles. reinstalled it and it seemed to remember some of the themes but no fan curves data. I remade the ones I had and assigned those to my themes.

It seems to be sensitive, if I run Icue and look at colors its just as likely to set them to hardware.

I haven't restarted PC since setting themes, not in a rush to find out.


Not sure what is going on.

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So I clean installed Icue using https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/articles/360025166712

and on restart reinstalled the latest version.

it went into a pattern

  1. follow plan I set
  2. i would hear the USB D/C sound
  3. fan colors would go to rainbow (the hardware profile)
  4. colors change back to plan
  5. fans spin up again

it would repeat this every minute or so.

I restarted and made a profile and it seemed to have stopped the restart pattern.

It has been getting worse, prior to the reinstall it crashed twice last night. I have had it for 3 years, its never crashed before.

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the full wipe didn't fix it. It randomly crashes on startup now. it does send a report to Corsair.


My solution to problem was to buy another AIO that doesn't rely on Icue for its settings. I really didn't want to.


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