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Found 19 results

  1. I'm looking into upgrading to a h100i from a stock cooler for my i5-12400 and i already have 3 Corsair SP 120 fans that are connected to the included Lighting Node Pro. The h100i comes with nonRGB ML fans and the capellix version (which costs about 40aud more) comes with RGB MLs but must use the different Commander Pro. I was wondering if it was possible to buy 2 more SP fans and replace the MLs of the normal h100i with the RGB compatible SPs so that i can plug them all into the same hub and not go to the trouble of syncing the two differnt hubs. Would there be physical issues or is plugging them both into the cpu fan header feasible (this is my first build currently with the stock cooler so i dont have any experience with aios). this upgrade isnt necessary, just a possible qol improvement but any advice would be appreciated 🙂
  2. I bought a H100i, i installed it and already had vengeance rs ram so i already had the software, i am able to connect the pump but not the fans, everything is plugged in accordingly on the commander core (not showing up either) FAN: port 1, 2 RGB: port 1, 2 (tried 2,3 and 3,4 and 4,5) PUMP RGB: plugged in THINGS I HAVE TRIED: reinstalling icue, manually setting up the fans, reinstalling icue again, moving ports, downloading other icue software OTHER SOFTWARE I HAVE INSTALLED: logitech ghub, obinskit rgb keyboard software. please help i want these fans lit up.
  3. Hi, thank you for taking the time to read my inquiry. [I purchased my H100i V2 on May 2017] Recently I swapped out my i7-7700k to an i5-11600k, and my first Cinebench R23 score(112XX) more or less met the expectations outlined by various reviews and benchmarks online. After bringing the desktop overseas as checked luggage, long story short, the pump cable was dislodged and I briefly registered 100c CPU temps before shutting it down and fixing the issue. I also double checked all other connections during this fix. I ran Cinebench R23 again, and noticed that my score was lower(109XX) than my previous score. I didn't manage to save any screenshots at the time, but I remember the CPU was registering 85~90c under load during the test. Not too alarming, but starting to get concerned. Most recently, my Cinebench R23 score was 92XX, with the CPU registering 95~100c on all cores. I personally don't mind noise while under load, but I do want to be able to run my CPU to its full stock potential, and I feel like I can't even do that now. I've spent the past few days double checking things on my build, scrounging forums to find an answer, and while I've learned some new things here and there, nothing has resolved the issue yet. - Idle temps(1~2% load) : CPU@35~38c, Coolant@30~33c - Load temps (100% load) : CPU@95~100c, Coolant@50~58c - When running Cinebench or games I set fan and pumps to 100%(yes, its loud but I don't mind if its working well) - Vcore : 1.1X under load - Tried taking out the H100i V2 and moving it around to remove potential air pockets out of the pump - Tried running the computer upside down - Tried changing fan orientation (push/pull) - My current room is roughly few degrees warmer than the room I ran the first Cinebench test in. - Checked CPU-cooler contact/installation and reapplied thermal paste - Made sure radiator was clear of cable clutter as much as my case allows (mini ITX) - Despite the high load temps, system has never shut itself down yet At this point, I'm inclined to think something is wrong with the cooler, but that seems odd too since the first, satisfactory Cinebench test score and the latest, concerning score is only about a month apart. Let me know if I can share any other relevant information. Thank you again for your time and help.
  4. Title is self-explanatory. I want to avoid using the core if possible since I already have a node core for my RGB. My motherboard also has two headers for CPU fans (aka the fans on my rad) and a specific AIO pump header. Clearing this question up before i purchase would be appreciated!
  5. So I built my new pc about 2 days ago and now my the lights on on of my fan stopped working and it only shows the blue color on a little part of it. The other fan still works and the lights of that also works so I don't know what happened to my other fan.
  6. I've only had the H100i RGB Platinum SE for about a year now and when I select static white the leds give off a yellowish color. I'm not sure if this is a common issue or not...
  7. Hallo zusammen, habe eine Frage ĂĽber meiner WasserkĂĽhlung H100i RGB Platinum. Kann ich dort die ML120 Pro RGB durch QL120 RGB LĂĽfter austauschen? Muss ich noch etwas beachten, dass ich diese LĂĽfter verbauen kann? Brauche ich fĂĽr die QL120 LĂĽfter den Commander Pro? Vielen Dank fĂĽr eure Hilfe. Gruss TnBoy
  8. Hey Leute, Ich habe ein Problem mit meinen 2 120mm ML Lüfter, welche bei der AIO dabei waren. Die Lüfter funktionieren einwandfrei und werden in der Icue Software angezeigt aber sie leuchten nicht. Als ich das erste Mal den PC gebootet habe leuchteten sie und als ich die Software herunter geladen habe ging gar nix mehr. Habe die Lüfter auch an das RGB HUB angeschlossen wo 2 LL Lüfter auch dran hängen aber leider vergebens. Ich besitze auch den Commander Pro. Hoffe einer von euch kann mir helfen. Danke im Voraus:)
  9. Hi, sometimes I read the USB cable that goes from the H100i RGB's pump to the USB header on the motherboard as micro USB, other times as mini USB, can someone please say what cable is that exactly? micro-USB A, micro-USB-B, mini-USB-A, etc. Please name the cable ends as accurately as you can. The manual does not name the cable ends either, I have searched on this forum without a conclussive result.
  10. I currently have the Commander pro controlling all my rgb fans and lighting. I can use iCue to change the fan speed at will to Quiet, Balanced, Extreme & Zero RPM. I am able to manually change the case fans to extreme and they will get up to between 1400-1500 RPM. However when I change the AIO fans to Extreme it shows them only going up between 700-730 according to the iCue software but they don't even look to speed up that. CPU temps are around 28c so not sure if the fans simply won't go higher due to the CPU temp but I thought manually changing the fan speed would at least produce some results but not seeing any. I can change the fan speed to Zero RPM and they do in fact stop spinning so I know it is working for at least that part of it. Any ideas what may be the cause of the fans AIO CPU fans not going faster than 730 when putting them on Extreme?
  11. I have recently upgraded to liquid cooling for the first time and it is great, however I'm having an issue with either the iCue software or the cooler itself. I have set a profile for the cooler, the RGB reflects the coolant temperature and set a custom fan curve. The issue is, every now and then the coolant temp dips to 0 or jumps to 100 for a moment. This causes fan spin-up for a moment as well as a momentary reset of the RGB profile. What the RGB does is it turns off entirely for a split sec, then turns on to color wave, then back to my set profile. The temperature spikes are visible in HWiNFO64 as seen on the screenshot. This seems to happen whether the CPU is under load or not. I am not sure if this is an issue with the iCue software or the hardware. Could someone shed some light on the issue, please? I've already reattached all cables, trust me, nothing is loose.
  12. Hey everyone, I am slowly stockpiling parts for my first custom build, and have more or less settled for Corsair for the case and AIO. I have Gigabyte Aorus Pro Wifi, and Trident Z 8G x 2, and want to get the H100i RGB PLATINUM SE for the CPU cooler (i want to go for a mainly white build). however the more i read online, the more it seems top mounting the AIO will be difficult at best, and possibly not possible on certain cases. Can anyone help me confirm if the Corsair Crystal Series 570X will be able to fit my parts with the AIO up top? i'd really like to avoid mounting it on the front if possible. Thank you!
  13. I am planning on doing some upgrades to my build in terms of cooling as that is something I skipped on when originally building it about a year ago. I am going to buy an h100i RGB Platinum SE (which will be top mounted), a single white LL 120 Fan for the exhaust in the back (So it matches the fans in the AIO) and 3 ML 120 Pro (Non-RGB) for the front of the case (I have the Carbide 275R). I was wondering, how can I connect all of these to my computer? Like I couldn't just get a fan hub because they have to be the same fans right? Also I have never had an AIO so apparently the fans connect to it? Any help would be appreciated, thank you
  14. Hello, I'm building a PC in about a week and am currently ordering parts. My case is the Corsair iCUE 465X with an included Lightning Node CORE and 3x LL120 fans (pre-installed in the front). I'll also have a H100i RGB Platinum AIO which I planned to install on the top side, but I heard that it won't fit due to my RAM (G.Skill 2x 16 GB Trident Z Neo; 44mm height). The new plan is to install the radiator in the front like this ML - Rad - LL ML - Rad - LL Front ___ - ___ - LL The ML fans would be the ones included in the AIO and are for the rad. So they would be connected only to the pump, wouldn't they? These fans would be inhale fans. This way I have still place for three more 120mm fans (2 top, 1 rear) so I think about buying a 3 pack of LL/ML fans which will include a NoPro. My mainboard is an Asus Rog Strix x570-e Gaming (if that matters). I think I buy ML fans because their performance is better than LL, but I'm not sure if it works as intended. I can't mix LL and ML fans on a Lightning Node CORE, but does it work with a NoPro? If it doesn't work I should be fine with connecting the Lighting Node CORE and NoPro directly to the Motherboard instead of connecting the Core into the NoPro? And if this doesn't work I would buy 3x LL fans and connect the Core into the NoPro (which should help with cable management too)
  15. Hello, I’m struggling to link the case fans (4 sp120 pro RGB) with my 100i RGB AIO, I understand now that you cant run different fans off one RGB hub (one came with the case) so wanted to know what’s the best way to set it up and what extra hubs or nodes I’ll need to compete the circuit and make all RGB lights sink ? I’ve viewed the fan/cooling and icue FAQ page but couldn’t really find anything clear in the diagrams on how to set mine up. I have 4 sp120 RGB pro fans, 100i RGB Platinum aio pump with 2 ML pro 120 fans and 1 RGB hub that came with the case. Any help is much appreciated
  16. Hi everybody , I have been rocking my h100i platinium SE for over a month now and have a question about RPMs and fans. I switched one of the white LL120 fans in the radiator for a black one as I wanted to do a black/ white mix of the fans and it is set and stuck at 700-800RPMs since. I can't switch it's profile to 0RPMs or amp it up however it is not connected to the mobo but to the pump's PWM headers. Are the black ones incompatibles with the pump? Second question and most important one probably for me : What happens to these RPMs when I exit Icue and the corsair exes. ( CpuID and Service. ) Does the pump stay at the RPM it was? I'm asking because i often time need to close the app and exes for Benchmarking. Thanks a lot in advance , any knowledgeable feedback would be greatly appreciated as it it my first build and i would love to have it work at peak performance, Have a nice day !
  17. Hi all, I'm using a h100i pro aio to cool my 8700k on a msi z390 ace mobo. Currently I'm using the 2 fans comes with the aio connected to the PUMP_FAN1 header on the mobo, and wanted to add another 2 ML120 fans for a push/pull configuration. Should I use 2 PWM splitter (1 to 2) to connect the 4 fans before connecting aio fan connector? Or just 1 PWM splitter to connect the 2 new fans and plug into CPU_FAN1 header? Attached some paint job draw to better illustrate what I'm planning to do https://imgur.com/a/7nWPczy
  18. I just bought the h100i about 2 weeks ago and have been loving it. But today I turn on my computer and it sounds horrible..... [ame] [/ame] Link I've determined its the pump (Ive used my hands to stop the fans and the sound does not change)...... I'm really trying to avoid a return and taking apart my entire computer. I noticed the pump is running at 2500rpm constant, even when Im just in windows.... could this be it? Or is this sound normal and I need to get use to it? -------------------------------- UPDATE: I took it out of my PC and water POURED out of the radiator JUST missing my rig. I am returning this and never touching another Corsair product again. This almost fried my $2000 rig. Unbelievable. Vids coming soon - Im just speechless at the moment. --------------------------------
  19. Hallo, bei mir steigen die Temperaturen öfters im idle von 30 / 35 Grad auf 75 Grad an. Hatte irgendwo mal gelesen dass man gegen den Wärmeaustauschbehälter ( hoffe das heißt so ) klopfen soll, dann geht es wieder. Genau das habe ich gemacht, ich klopfe ca 2 mal am Tag gegen den Wärmeaustaschbehälter und dann ist das "Problem" wieder weg. Dies ist aber keine angenehme Lösung. Was kann ich da tun? Öffnen und die Flüssigkeit austauschen? Bitte um Hilfe vielen Dank.
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