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MacOS windows key not working for CMD while using the slipstream dongle. NOT WINLOCK issue.


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Issue Description
i have an intel mac for work running Sonoma.  i have a new keyboard 4 weeks old, The keyboard is the k100air.  My first 2 weeks were issue free, but during week 3 the windows key no longer sends any of the modifier key options to the mac if connect via slipstream receiver.  Corsair icue seems to recognize when i press the button in the app.  I have great need for this function as I use a dumb USB switch to switch from my Mac used for development, over to my windows pc that I use for gaming. as a work around im using the fn key to enable bluetooth with does not create the same issue.

If support or anyone on here can provide some help please do, Im very close to returning this if i do not get an update from support and going with a Logitech keyboard instead

Thank you all for your help.


  • Icue software version 5.8.130
  • slipstream dongle fw 5.6.126
  • slipstream software version: 5.8.130
  • keyboard fw 5.13.81
  • keyboard software version 5.8.130

Repair attempts

  • rolled back keyboard firmware
  • rolled back icue software
  • unpaired m65 mouse from dongle
  • tested plugging in dongle direct to the mac bypassing the usb switch
  • updated firmware to 5.13.81
  • verified updates are current on sonoma OS
  • verified win-lock is not present
  • deleted all profiles on keyboard and reset the keyboard
  • reached out to corsair support direct on 11/10/23.  no updates updates from corsair other than the automated response during creation Corsair case number 2006526220

Additional testing.

  • performed testing via Bluetooth, issue does not occur
  • performed testing via direct wire, and issue does not occur
  • all things function as expected in windows OS
  • noticed if i run a force fw update on keyboard it thinks 5.13.80 is installed and then updates to 5.13.81.  even though .81 was already installed.

    Unrelated, but at 4 weeks space bar is super squeaky. this is sad for a 250+ dollar keyboard.  I'll be attempting the toothpick with lube method to get it to stop soon.


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I have not had any help on the community, and have had no responses at all on the ticket i opened 2006526220. Can you please help with this, I am well invested in corsair at the moment, and this experience is making me regret buying any of your products.  Im most likely not going to be recommending the product to any one going forward.  A 250 dollar keyboard that cant get a support issues responded to is unacceptable.

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