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Found 16 results

  1. I 'm on an iMac using a K55 RGB Keyboard and a Harpoon RGB Pro mouse. After I upgraded to Catalina 10.15.6 I can't use any version of iCUE software... Now I am on macOS Big Sur 11.6.1 I was waiting for iCUE-4.17.244 to solve my problems but after instalation the moment I choose any device it crashes. The reason I bought your hardware was iCUE for Mac but I was wrong since it is not working for the recent Mac operating systems.
  2. To start, I'll preface that I'm using an old system: Catalina (10.15.7) on a 2012 mac mini (Intel Core i7). This is my main macOS development system for audio (C++/JUCE) development. With that out of the way, I'm not sure why iCUE requires 15%+ average CPU usage, as provided by "top" in bash. This usage is cumbersome enough that it prevents my audio applications like ProTools and FL Studio from running smoothly. iCUE v3.38.61 Corsair devices connected: Harpoon RGB, Void Elite Wireless. These are all up to date. And maybe I should mention that I'm using the Void Elite as my main audio I/O. Does anyone have any ideas what I can do to trim this CPU usage down, if anything? Perhaps there's a setting to run the app in the background to therefore consume fewer resources? I've linked a dated post/thread demonstrating that I'm not the only one with this problem.
  3. What I was able to find (very old thread) was that the reason the "DIY" devices are not recognized or supported is an issue with the firmware on the Lighting Node Pro? Has this been resolved? Workarounds? ...am I missing something?
  4. imitate holding key macro does not work. Hi! i have Mac Pro Late 2013 on MacOS Big Sure 11.2.3 with Corsair K95 RGB using ICUE 3.38.61. I created an A-Z Key Action to press W with holding key imitation and saved it at the G6 macro button on toggle mode. when I toggle it just clicks w once, it does not keep holding it. any ideas?
  5. Hallo zusammen, ich versuche schon ne Weile meine Scimitar RGB (nicht pro) auf meinem MacMini (M1, BigSur) zu laufen zu bekommen. Ich habe die neueste Version von Icue für Mac installiert und rechte freigegeben. Wenn ich das Programm starte, erkennt es aber die Maus nicht und ich kann damit natürlich auch die Buttons nicht belegen. Grundfunktionen funktionieren, die Maus wird vom System erkannt. In den Englischen Foren habe ich versucht Lösungen zu finden, aber ehrlich gesagt ist mein Englisch wohl nicht gut genug. Hat jemand einen Hinweis oder ne Idee für mich ? Vielen Dank vorab !
  6. Hi! So I've already encountered the problem with the keyboard not being recognised and even disabling the inbuilt keyboard at login screen. Disabling FileVault, a sub-optimal solution, has solved this. However I wish to use my Mac in a dock, closed, and boot into Windows via bootcamp. At boot, you must press option (alt) to achieve the boot loader and select the Windows partition to boot into, however, the K70 doesn't seem to be recognised by the Mac and holding Alt does nothing, MacOS loads. This is very problematic as it means I am unable to use my dock. I like this Corsair keyboard but the problems with MacOS mean I may have to return it if I cannot find a solution.
  7. I'm trying to work out how to swap the Windows and ALT keys on my K95 Platinum keyboard. I'm running macOS Mojave and iCUE Software (macOS) version 3.16.56. I have Mac keycaps that replace the standard Windows keycaps, so this is why I want to swap the position of both the LH and RH Windows keys. I known the CKB-Next application can do this do this, but I would like to use Mac iCUE software if possible. Picture of new ALT and CMD Keys
  8. Hi, i recently try to upgrade to Icue 3.25 but i cant, there is an error that says you are using a older version of mac , you need upgrade to version 10.14+ (i cant upgrade my software because i have a 2011 imac)... so now i cant open the icue app, help please i want to intstall 3.23 or something..
  9. Hi all, just very brief: As mentioned in the title the back and forward button are not working properly with my GLAIVE RGB mouse. The back button does nothing, the forward button zooms in. I tried to assign proper macros to those buttons, without success. Anyone else had these issues? Specs: macOS Catalina 10.15.4 Corsair GLAIVE RGB (Firmware: 3.14) iCUE 3.22.74 settings: default
  10. Hey people. Well, I just bought a new void pro on monday and I`m getting an issue with this. I use MacOS High Sierra and I installed the iCUE software to be able to set the surround (cuz I like to listen to music with surround on) and it plays the music for very well but after sometime it stops to play the music and I need to unplug and replug the usb adapter to get it working, but it still stop playing after a while. Can anyone helps me please ? I`ve tried to install an older version of iCUE but still same problem and it`s annoying me.. I`ll be very grateful if someone could helps me!
  11. Hey Guys, I'm planing to build a custom watercooling macOS system with corsair. Now I have a problem with controling the icue RGB elements: Is it possible to control those elements with a second PC (Raspberry Pi) or is this not possible due temperature sensors? Or is it possible to emulate the RGB signal manual with a arduino or something like that? Hope somebody could help:) Thank you so much!
  12. Hey guys, I know that the commander pro is not supported in the iCUE software for MacOS, but does it really have to show up as a up? because now I'm getting this warning every time I log into macOS https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/263798638373896203/657749984375996436/IMG_20191220_170327.jpg https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/263798638373896203/657749394472566784/unknown.png?width=662&height=470
  13. iCUE for macOS is now officially available! Here's a full compatibility list that'll be updated as new devices are validated (please note that iCUE for macOS only supports CORSAIR peripherals). Many of our recent product releases feature out of the box compatibility, however some of our older releases may require a firmware update. Our current firmware update procedure requires Windows 10 either on a separate machine or through a solution such as Boot Camp, instructions for updating your peripherals on Windows can be found on the official iCUE for macOS landing page linked above. iCUE for macOS Device Compatibility [updated 11/20/19] KEYBOARDS K55 RGB K57 RGB Wireless K63 (Wired) K70 RGB MK.2 K70 RGB MK.2 Low Profile K83 Wireless STRAFE RGB MK.2 K63 Wireless* K63 Wireless SE* K65 RGB* K65 RGB LUX* K65 RGB Rapidfire* K66* K68* K68 RGB* K70 RGB* K70 LUX RGB* K70 Rapidfire* K95 RGB* K95 RGB Platinum* STRAFE* STRAFE RGB* K95 RGB Platinum SE* K70 RGB MK.2 IG Series* K70 RGB MK.2 SE* MICE GLAIVE RGB GLAIVE RGB PRO HARPOON RGB HARPOON RGB PRO HARPOON RGB Wireless IRONCLAW RGB IRONCLAW RGB Wireless M55 RGB PRO M65 RGB Elite MM800 NIGHTSWORD RGB SABRE RGB M65 RGB* M65 RGB PRO* DARK CORE RGB* DARK CORE SE RGB* KATAR* SABRE Optical* SABRE Laser* SCIMITAR RGB* SCIMITAR RGB PRO* M65 RGB Elite IG Series* AUDIO HS45 Surround HS60 Surround HS70 Wireless HS60 PRO Surround HS70 PRO Wireless ST100 VIRTUOSO RGB VIRTUOSO RGB SE VOID Surround VOID RGB USB VOID RGB Wireless VOID PRO Surround VOID RGB PRO USB VOID RGB PRO Wireless VOID ELITE Surround VOID RGB ELITE USB VOID RGB ELITE Wireless *Device may require a firmware update before using with iCUE on macOS, current firmware update method requires Windows 10 on a PC or through Boot Camp on a Mac. If you require assistance with getting your hardware working on iCUE for macOS, create a separate thread in the iCUE for macOS section of this forum or contact our support team.
  14. Hi I'm using iCUE on macOS Mojave with my K95 Platinum and Glave Mouse. As it appears that there is no support for my DIY products (RM850i, Lightning Node Pro and H110i AIO cooler) on macOS, is a SDK for these products going to be released that can be used with macOS?:question:
  15. So i just got this new headset to use for my mac. No way to turn off the RGB lights. I tried vmware and windows which turns it off, but once i shut off the vmware instance the lights come back!!! Very annoying. Is it that hard to make a small mac app to just keep the lights off? Or is mine broken? Also how can i adjust how much of my own voice i hear in the headset? I cant find any adjustment
  16. Hi all! I've recently bought a Corsair M95 mouse and tried to make it work on a Mac without success. It works, but almost just as a regular mouse. I've tried some 3rd. party software to recognize m95's additional buttons, like SteerMouse, BetterTouch Tools, and Usb Overdrive, but all of them recognize just some of the buttons. It's as if the mouse didn't have 15 buttons, but only 9, because some of the rest of the buttons are recognized as the same one =( I've also read that Karabiner is a good app for this sort of things, but I didn't get it to work properly. I'd like to know if anyone had the same problem and fixed it, and some application recognized all the buttons on the mouse or if I should stick with Corsair and Windows only. Thanks a lot!
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