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I watercooled my 3080 Ti with a XG7. Now my Linux computer screen goes blank.

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I'm new to watercooling, but I got a custom loop set up with all-Corsair parts, including an XG7 for my NVIDIA 3080 Ti FE, which is the only output since I have a K series Intel processor.

It powers on, temps look good, and I'm able to load Steam and launch any game like I used to. I'm able to get to the main menu of whichever game I'm playing, but as soon as the game finishes loading, the graphics lag, and the next minute the screen goes out, and my TV says "no signal."

I am running Linux, but this never happened while I was on the stock cooler. I can't tell the GPU temp, but when I shut the power off and boot to BIOS, it says CPU and MB temps look good.

Any ideas on what could be causing this?

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it is the "F" processors that have no iGPU. if your motherboard has video outputs, you have a backup.

As for the 3080Ti, you really need to see the GPU temps while within Linux, and in game. There's been occurences of waterblocks with VRAM pads too thick, that led to the GPU die not making good contact with the waterblock. That would lead to instant overheat and crash.

Maybe try with that :


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i found a small utility on the ubuntu software hub if you're on that distro, maybe it's also in others : Hardware sensors indicator

it shows sensors on the taskbar, if that helps. 

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Here's what I found:

* GPU temp was 75 degrees Celsius 1 second before crash.

* I immediately rebooted into BIOS, which showed CPU temperature of 28.5C and MB temp of 38C.

* Upon running tool once logged in (approx 1 minute after crash) GPU temp was 32C.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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the crash may happen quick i guess.. 75 is harsh for watercooling. that's aircooling temperatures.

what happens if you try light loads like watching a youtube video, and selecting 4k resolution for example ? Normally you shouldn't notice any rise, maybe a degree or two at worst.

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