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PSU Corsair RM750e Problem

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Hi. I recently assembled a new computer. After a few hours of use, strange noises come from the computer. The noise occurs mainly when the computer is idle. The most likely source of strange noises is the power supply. I let the rest of the fans run at maximum speed and there were no disturbing sounds. Has anyone had a similar problem? Should I return the power supply under warranty?

Here link to video(noise starts at 11 second): https://mega.nz/file/5PR2mSZI#3oEwk4s1elNCLwGA4xdvpi3wWhrErIjF0jxn16c7GuM

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The same thing happens to me, I have a Corsair RM750e power supply and every 5 minutes it turns on at rest, the fan making an unbearable noise, the sound is not very loud, but enough to make me lose my nerves. I'm going to get rid of this PSU and find a quieter one.

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