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Corsair H100i Elite LCD Thermal Paste

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Just received my Corsair H100i. When I purchased it said will fit different type sockets including a LGA1700, my cpu is a i7-12700K. It's rectangle 35mm (W) x 40mm (L) not square like most that are 35mm x 35mm.  The paste on the pump it 35mm  x  35mm. 

A few questions:

1. Will the paste coverage be ok on my cpu or is it best to remove and reapply new paste? There was no tube of paste in the box and no information which is par for the course with Corsair. I'm not       overclocking so higher temps won't come into play. Which paste would be best for this Corsair product? 

2. Does that little bit of overhang 2.5 mm each side make all that much difference? 

3. The hardware bags are labeled but one puzzles me, it says TR4 Retention P/N: 75-004524, Can anyone tell me what its for? 

Thanks for reading...

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The preapplied thermal paste is more than enough to cool your choice of CPU, and the mystery retention hardware is for the AMD Threadripper TR4 socket.

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Thanks for clearing that up. Much appreciated. 

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