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iCue Software Issue, m55 update then crash

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Everytime after startup and iCue start work, it asks about an update !!!.
I connected my mouse, which is the Corsair M55, and it started working. When I wanted to switch the profile, I opened iCue software & saw the usual ugly message that still asked me to update the device, I don't know why, I clicked on the update button and the system disconnected my mouse automatically.
Usually, the disconnection takes a few seconds, but this time it continued until now. I disabled the software, thinking that it was the cause of the problem because the mouse was already working before I updated it, but it did not work.

I tried to restart my laptop but it still doesn't work!!!
Now, what can I do with the mouse that suddenly crashes?

I need it badly and rely on it and the abbreviations that I deal with every day.

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  • Corsair Employee

We would recommend you reach out to our support team directly by opening a ticket at https://help.corsair.com


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  • 2 weeks later...

You did not solve the problem!!!

You're just redirecting me to a page I've already visited
Thank you for your email that was sent after 15 days of my issue caused by your iCue stupid system.
and as for your product, I dumped it in the trash.

I do not advise anyone to use Corsair devices. Because :
1- The @iCUE system does not work well, and when I say it does not work well, this means that it automatically disconnects the device from your computer if you connect any other device "other than Corsair's software".
2- The Corsair software will also disable wireless devices that are connected to Bluetooth, such as headphones.
3- Some people have encountered a problem with frame drops when running the Corsair system.
4- Corsair software can permanently crash your device like your mouse or your keyboard, as many have.
5- Finally ,It will be difficult to communicate with customer service and you will wait a lot to receive a response that does not result in anything.

Thank you for wasting my time

Abdulla Nsour


#everyone #corsair #m55 #icue #icueSoftware

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