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Found 3 results

  1. I am looking to be running 9 LL120 fans with the commander pro. I have been reading up and considered some diagrams but hoping someone could please confirm the best approach. What is in my head: 1) 6 fans into one RGB Fan LED hub, then 3 fans for H150i Pro into a second RGB Fan LED hub. 2) Link both RGB Fan LED hubs into the 2 LED inputs on Com Pro. 3) 6 fans into fan control on com pro and 3 fans off of fan control of H150i Pro. 4) 2 Lighting Node Pros powered from the USB connectors from the Com Pro? Will this work? Or do I need to power / link it differently? Thank you for your time and help with this.
  2. Hey guys, so I'm doing my first ever build here in about twelve hours from now, and needless to say I'm a little intimidated. My knowledge of computers is mostly limited to what I've researched over the last two weeks pulling my build together. I've been trying to look through diagrams and whatnot to try and get an idea of how I need to set it up, but I didn't really find one that pertained exactly to my situation, and got totally lost when I saw the "PWM repeater" or whatever it was. I don't wanna accidentally plug stuff into the wrong place or overload the channel or anything like that. Can anyone help me get an idea of where I need to connect everything? I'll be using: Crystal Series 680X case 6x LL120 RGB fans (3 front intake, 2 bottom exhaust, 1 rear exhaust) H115i Platinum RGB AIO Cooler (top) 4 Pro LED Strips 1x Commander Pro 1x Lighting Node Pro I believe that's everything? I've also got the LS100 and two expansion kits but I understand those have their own external power source. I think i get the gist of it, fans go in the RGB fan hub, as well as the Commander Pro, LED strips go in the second channel? I don't know where the AIO goes or where I'm supposed to be inserting the Node Pro for all of this though, or whether all of this set up like this will sync up. Any help would be appreciated, I'm really looking forward to getting this together, I've got a friend who has some mild experience in this helping me out it together since he's got tools and an anti-static mat, but he's never worked with Corsair stuff and we're on a limited schedule, I'd hate to have him trying to figure it out for me. Thank you folks so much
  3. I have a Commander Pro with a lighting hub [with 6 LL120 fans attached] and 4 LED strips connected. For no apparent reason fans 1 to 3 are lit but fans 4 to 6 are not, all LED strips are lit. Everything was fine, this has just happened at start up. Troubleshooting so far: Everything unplugged and re-plugged. Lighting hub swapped out for a new one. Commander Pro firmware force updated [it was already running the latest] iCUE software uninstalled with settings deleted at the same time, then re-installed. Fans switched around on both lighting hubs. Lighting hub and LED strips switched around on the Commander Pro. None of this has helped; is my Commander Pro faulty, is there anyway to check? I don't have a spare Commander Pro unfortunately so looking for another way to check maybe. I've logged a support ticket with Corsair but experience tells me they don't reply :(:
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