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Corsair HS70 Pro Surround shuts down when charging

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Hello everyone,

My Corsair HS70 Pro Surround is having problems again with its charging/batterie. This is my thirt Corsair HS70 Pro aready and they all had kinda the same issue. The first one I had was fine after two years of use but then the battery got hot while charging/ gaming and it almost blew up on me. then the second died after 15 days. And the one i have now is starting to show issues aswell. the one i have now is still working but it shuts down when i put the charging calbe in that is included in the box. 

I have tried everything about now, can someone please help me?

the things ive tried on all headsets without results:

-using different charching adapters/cables/pc's

-changing the voice prompt/autoshut down/invidia sound, settings 

-reinstalling windows/icue software(also triend different versions)

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