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Found 14 results

  1. Hello there, I got the HS70 PRO wireless headset 2 days ago as a gift .When i went home and used them, powered on and i was keep hearing a noise .Like someone is blowing wind in my ear.I think it's called hissing but not quite sure.I tried unistalling the corsair software but nothing happed.The problem keeps going. It's not annoying when i play music or a game.But if nothing else is playing in the background then it's really really annoying and it gives me headache. Is it a faulty item or there is a way to solve this? Thanx in advance
  2. Schönen guten Morgen. Mein (noch relativ neues) HS70 PRO Wireless geht leider nicht mehr richtig an. Es wird zwar erkannt und gibt beim Einschalten noch einen Ton von sich (aber nur ohne, oder nur mit halber Ansage), kann aber kein Audio mehr abspielen. Das erzwingen einer Aktualisierung hat leider auch nichts geändert. Hat vielleicht noch irgendwer Ideen was man machen könnte um es wieder zum Laufen zu bringen? Liebe Grüße und vielen Dank im Voraus!
  3. Bonjour, je rencontre un problème avec mon Corsair HS70 Pro sans fil. En effet, lorsque j'allume le casque et que je branche le dongle sur mon pc, je ne peux pas avoir accès à l'audio de mon pc dans mon casque. De ce fait, mon casque ne me sert actuellement à rien car les musiques jouées sur youtube ou encore les sons de mes jeux sortent des haut-parleurs de mon pc.
  4. Bonjour, Il y a deux jours, j'ai acheter un casque HS70 PRO et je voulais en savoir plus sur le problème que j'ai car aucun forum ni site ne parvient à le résoudre ou juste à répondre. En effet, lorsque j'allume mon casque, un léger bourdonnement ou gresillement s'allume en fond ce qui nui à mon utilisation. J'ai tester toutes les choses possibles et imaginable en vain (logiciel iCUE, réglages sur mon PC directement). Le problème n'est ni lié à mon micro, ni lié à mon PC, ni lié à la clé USB et aux ports USB et ni lié au au retour de son de mon micro sur le logiciel iCUE). Merci d'avance pour votre réponse. Bien cordialement.
  5. I have an HS 70 Pro that I have been using with my Mac Pro as a wired USB device without difficulty for about a year. I am now trying to pair it with my Mac Book Pro as a wireless device. Bluetooth shows a BDP-S6700 (? code for the headset). If the code is correct, then it has paired. Still the iCue software will not identify the headset so I can use it. So either the code is incorrect or I am screwing up something. Note that I have also tried this as a wired USB device on the Mac Book Pro. Any ideas, suggestion, or other help appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Bonjour, j'ai reçu le HS70 PRO en cadeau à Noël. L'oreillette droite du casque grésille dès que je branche la clé USB dans l'ordinateur (J'ai essayé sur deux ordinateurs différents) A gauche pas de problème. Quand je me mets en mute le grésillement est légèrement plus faible. Voyez-vous d'où pourrait venir le problème ? Merci ! Gromat
  7. Good Evening, My new headset (HS70 Pro) has two issues I cannot resolve. 1 - There is a small amount of static I can hear in the background, even when the mic is muted/unplugged (sidetone is off).. I can almost deal with this 2 - If anyone knows what the main menu sounds are like in Call of Duty Modern Warfare are like, you will know it's a very satisfying click. However I, when moving my cursor over the options only hear the middle 50% of the sound - the first 25% and the latter 25% being cut/glitching out. This indicates to me that the transmission from the dongle is not permanent? This is a highly frustrating thing for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Apologies if I have posted in the wrong area; I am new to the forum. Thank you
  8. Hi I have just purchased a set of HS70PRO Headphones the blurb cleary states that they are 7.1 but I cant get it working so I contacted corsair support and the guy Chad says this is not the case and they need a dongle to do 7.1 but they aren't available Not sure what's going any ideas out there
  9. HS70 Pro HeadSet - Static noise + Can't use while charging. Hello everyone! That's my first time buying Corsair headset, I am absolutely happy with it's sound and build quality, but that static noise when everything is off makes me really mad. Also, when u are connected through USB cable (charging) there is loud noise, like a high pitch drill or something. Things I tried: Reinstalling ICuo Restarting PC Restarting HeadSet Another PC Different USB Ports Taking out receiver (so headset is not connected to anything, but sound is still here) Any suggestions? Should I wait for firmware fix? Or I should just return it and get another pair of them? Thank you!
  10. Bonjour, J'ai donc un HS70 PRO neuf, et je trouve le produit très décevant pour deux points : - tout d'abord, le casque perd facilement la connection - ensuite et surtout, les bruits pour prévenir du manque de batterie, de l'absence de son, et autre (les "bips") sont intenpestifs et beaucoup trop fort. En plus de cela, je n'ai jamais pu mettre la main sur une vrai notice qui m'expliquerai leur utilité (il y a des sons qui n'ont aucun sens...). dès qu'aucun son n'est joué sur mon ordinateur, le casque bip toutes les 20 secs, hyper fort juste pour me rappeler que y'a pas de son, alors que bon... je l'entends bien qu'il n'y a pas de son. Pareil pour la batterie, alors qu'elle est encore à genre 30 ou 40%, le casque bip comme un fou hyper fort. C'est très, très énervant. Et le clou c'est que ces bips saturent ! Qui sont les ingénieurs qui ont pensé que c'était une bonne idée ? Donc ma question : est ce qu'on peut désactiver ces bip ? C'est tellement énervant et inutile !
  11. Hi, I receved a pair of HS70 Pro today and when i first used them there was a quiet buzzing sound on the left ear. I tried reinstalling the frameware multible times, but the sound is still here. It sounds like a 120Hz square wave. Is that normall? Can anyone help? edit: the sound is only there when there is a wireless connection. It change frequencies when i turn mic on and off and when i change the mic volume. It doesn't sound like a wireless backround noise and i don't think it is because it's only on the left ear. I found some other treads about similar problems on the Hs70 and Hs70SE. Thank you SK
  12. Hi, I have this headset and pretty satisfied with sound quality (with EQ only), however not with mic because despite being "discord certified" discord sound is not that good. Headset has firmware version of 0.01 and it looks like there's no plans for updates by Corsair for some reason. This headset interaction with iCue is just terrible: 1) Headset bundled with great sidetone, however if you turn it on it will not turn off with mic in 99% of situations, however if you exit iCue it will turn on and off with mic 100% of times 2) Same issues with charge indicator on headset. When icue is running it will work only with headset power off despite official guide on Corsair site. But you exit icue and charge indicator start to work flawlessly with headset powered on or off. 3) % of charge in icue sometimes not working until you restart icue and is always not showing 100% even after being full night on charge and there's no real way to check if it's icue fault or headset stop charge after reaching 100% and then slowly discarging until you power on you PC
  13. I have had two corsair headsets have the right speak die on me within a span of 1 month Headset 1-HS70 Headset 2-HS70 Pro Is anyone else having this or did i just get two unlucky ones? -
  14. Hi all, I have just received an Hs70 Pro - headset - all nice but I have run into an issue ... If I watch a series of youtube videos what can happen is I will get to the end of one and ... as the next one begins to load it won't play the video (swirly circle buffering thing) and eventually I see the message... "If playback doesnt begin shortly, try restarting your device" While this condition is in effect I can't play local media on my PC. It is like everything has timed out or something. Pulling out the dongle and reinserting seems to clear the issue. Returning to my regular cabled headset does not create this issue. I played a long run of Overwatch and that doesnt seem to cause a problem with the HS70 but I cannot launch the game while the situation with media not playing is in effect. I have tried with iCue running and also closed and either condition the problem can occur with video / youtube not working. I recall setting a USB sleeping mode to be disabled in Control Panel but without success. Any ideas what is going on?
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