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After updating bios, DEL key does not work anymore to enter bios


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Very weird issue

Have a Vengeance i7200, updated the bios to the latest version "2CB"

after update, I can no longer enter bios with the DEL key like before, everything else seems to be fine

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in the meantime, while you work out why DEL doesn't work, if you have settings to adjust, you can acces the bios with Windows, by doing a special restart that will boot the PC into bios without having to press the keyboard : 



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In general, I'd guess that the new BIOS had an insanely short timeout or no timeout at all for the Delete key on startup. I've seen it on a motherboard or two. It's not common but it is a PITA. So that's what I'd guess that we're seeing here. So ... boot to Windows and get into your BIOS that way, hunt down where that setting is hiding and change it to something more sane and reasonable.

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