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I had some issues with the H115i Platinum

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with the icue software, i connected the cooler fans to the pump but was getting a reading of 0 RPMS all the time, and never heard my fans spinning up during max load such as VR or anything, so i purchased the Commander core XT and plugged those radiator fans into that hub. was just wondering if it still will and works as intened or do the need to be connected to the cooler? i also have 3 other fans connected to the commander core xt, which was the original reason for buying. thanks.


CPU: I9 10850k

GPU: RTX 2070 super

MOB: Asus Tuff gaming Z490-Plus Wifi

bandicam 2021-12-06 11-21-01-208.jpg

bandicam 2021-12-06 11-21-37-641.jpg

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These are the same fans from the Platinum (ML-RGB high speed)?  Strange they both report zero rpm. Those are two independent fan channels so both tach wires need to break or something similar. 

The balanced preset isn’t quite the same without one of the Elite AIO coolers connected into that special side slot. However you can re-create it. 

Cooling -> + to create a custom curve. A graph will appear below. There are 3 shape tools that correspond to the quiet, balanced, extreme presets. Click quiet or balanced. 

At the bottom make sure the sensor choice is set to H115i Platinum Temp (coolant temperature). That is what the curve was made for and what the Platinum controller used. 

Assign the new curve to fans 4 and 5 above. 

The software needs to be running for this to work. If it is not, then the XT can’t fetch the data from the Platinum. 

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