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K95 RGB Platinum XT - Some Lighting Effects stop working on start-up

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So I just bought the K95 and I got all my lights set up how I want. Starts with a Solid color then I have two (2) Color Waves crossing each other from left to right and right to left. Now when iCUE first starts up after a fresh boot, the lighting effects start properly, but then the Color Wave effects stop and can't be turned back on unless I restart iCUE. Just wondering if there is a work around for this.


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I can't tell from the above if the program is crashing (partial KB lighting, other Corsair CUE devices freeze too) or if there is something wrong with the programming.  Assuming you used "Color Wave" and not custom programmed 'color waves', that effect should not stop unless you specifically instruct it to do so.  That's not something you can do accidentally.  Next time it does this, try and open the program.  If it won't and crashes to the desktop, then its not a lighting issue and we'll need to figure out what is going on.


Try a repair install of CUE.  Windows Apps -> Settings, click on Corsair iCUE and select "modify".  This will not erase profiles or settings.  However, most of the time this stuff happens there is some type of profile corruption.  If it's not overly complicated, delete it and set it up again.  Profile corruptions will not be fixed with a repair install.  

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