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Don't get any lewd thoughts, here's the question I asked Corsair support and their response. I'm posting here in hopes someone maybe has a more bootleg but still valid solution. Thanks!



Hi, I have a K70 RGB keyboard and I spilled a drink in the numpad area. After removing the keys, draining it thoroughly and letting it dry upside down for 2 days I'm very happy that everything is still working. However, as this was a somewhat sticky drink (contained coconut milk), some of the switches are sticking slightly when pressed. Do you have any tips or protocol to clean the switches after an accident like this?






Hello Jean-Phillipe,


Unfortunately there is no way to clean out those switches as they are built into the keyboard as this is the case we do not have any sort of tips or trick to getting in for a deeper clean.





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as stated isopropanol , can also be found in spray cans as MAPsensor cleaner for cars, this can be sprayed onto and soak into the keys , cleaning as it runs through and dries up totally clean without residues. best to disassemble the keyboard.
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You could try cleaning with foam swabs. Just moisten them and go over the sticky switches (scrubbing the surface and pushing the switches in). Common Q-Tips would also be an alternative, they are just more likely to leave some residues behind.


Important note: Give the keyboard time to dry (a few days) before plugging it in again.

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