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Issue with an old H80i

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I am setting up a secondary build with spare parts laying around on depot

The old H80i coller gives me a little headache, it has been working just fine for +5 years until the PC was scraped a couple of years ago


First mount I had the Corsair logo upside down on the CPU block due to better wiring of the usb cabel from MB

The radiator mounted on the backpanel and the hoses at the bottom previous the hoses were at the top


CPU went up above 80 degress, not the best, I could hear the water "snorkling" probably air bubbles


CPU block turned 90 degrees, same result


Radiator turned 90 degrees with hoses at the top, sligtly better with temperatures at 70 degrees


I tried to apply pressure on the CPU block while running, no change in temperature


Moving around with the hoses made slight changes to the better

I decided to twist and turn the hot hose at the radiator side

Now the temperatur is down to 45 degrees


Scuttle the cooler and buy a new?

Could it be a problem later?



Oh I read through the FAQ section :D


CPU_FAN speed in BIOS has to be dialed to full speed to allow the system to give enough power til the coolant motor

as the temperature is sitting at 43 degrees celsius atm the fan speed increased but I decided to let it go

CPU is now sitting idle at 33 degrees and fan speed decreased and the box runs silent :)


Is this part with CPU_FAN at full speed in the manual shipping with the cooler?

I've had quite a few coolers from Corsair in various builds and I have always had issues to get them to work properly, even replaced them with other brands

It might be due to the full speed thing mentioned in the FAQ


[EDIT 2]

Yeah the option to apply full speed on CPU_FAN in BIOS got rid of the CPU fan error which prevented the boot process to proceed

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