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I think Power Supply doesn't work properly

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I built a PC in December and it worked fine for a couple of weeks then I started noticing crashes on my PC where the PC would turn off and the screen would just go black as if someone pulled the cord on the PC I googled the issue and found out it was a "power kernel 41" issue and could most likely be an issue relating to how the PC powers on or the boot settings if not driver and BIOS updates I did all of those things and still couldn't figure out the problem and as a last resort i updated the BIOS of the MOBO and it didn't seem to have worked at all. Around almost a week after updating the BIOS my PC crashed and then just stopped powering on which was like 3 weeks ago now. The RGB logo on the MOBO would still light up as well as that small power LED thing that is next to the PCIe power on the GPU when I connected the PC to power but pressing the power would not do anything I thought it may be a MOBO problem since I had recently updated the BIOS and returned my MOBO to amazon. I luckily still had a couple of days left on the return policy and claimed it as a broken MOBO and used the refunded cash to buy another one. Even with that new MOBO I had the same problem as in the the RGB logos on the MOBO and the power LED on the GPU would light up but pressing the power button would do nothing (BTW I have a MOBO with onboard power/reset buttons and I even shorted the front panel connectors for the power button with a screwdriver and nothing happened)


I looked in to the problem a bit more and think that there's a chance my PSU may be damaged because I doubt that different MOBO's which are also different models would have the same issue and the initial problem of my PC crashing was


I just updated the PC specs on my profile the PSU is the Corsair HX1000

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If BIOS was bad it wouldn't post or would crash instantly. It's a PSU problem, he stated he tried different MB's, well they each have their own BIOS. Corsair has problems with many of their PSU's. A search on the web will show post's back to 2012. I have 2 (AX1200i, RM1000i) that are bad now waiting on ticket response.

Z.S, Can you borrow a PSU tester? Or buy one here: https://www.amazon.com/Thermaltake-Automated-Supply-Oversized-Supplies/dp/B005F778JO

They are easy to use, I've been building and repairing PC's since DOS

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