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K95 lighting fails after sleep mode

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I cannot get my new K95 platinum to light up without a full restart of iCUE after I wake my machine from its sleep mode. I tried to follow the steps in this old forum post but no luck.

I've taken pictures of my keyboard in the following phases:

1.) Keyboard lights off completely as computer is in sleep mode

2.) Computer has been awakened, Windows login screen is now present to resume work on machine. Keyboard defaults to this RGB rainbow...

3.) I force quit iCue. Keyboard remains in the above RGB rainbow..

4.) I relaunch iCue, keyboard lights appear to go back to "normal" but in actuality, the profile is wrong.. I set my numpad to be red, everything else white as seen here


This is really frustrating to deal with. I am on the most recent iCue version as well (3.37.140).. iCue also claims that the firmware for the K95 Platinum is up to date.

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