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Request Help/Advice for Click Cooldown


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Greetings everyone,


I have an Cosair M65 RGB Elite Mouse and i have the problem that sometimes (or rathe roften) when I click once it executes an double click. The Mouse is like a half year old and I had the same problem with the previous Mouse.


I have no idea what exactly causes that problem, but what i seek now is a way to set a cooldown for clicking (like 0,5 seconds) that prevent unintential double clicking. It is really something anothing both for writing, office work and for gaming.


So far i tried cleaning the mouse, reinstall the driver and as i said half a year ago buy a new mouse. I know one can also set up the "speed" required for a double click, but as one click is registered as two instantly, that option doesn't help here.


Thank you most kindly for any help one of you can provide.



Warrior 044

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