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Doubts about H100i Pro RGB + 3x LL120 + 3x ML120


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Hi guys,


I currently have a 465X that includes 3 LL120s on the front.


I plan to purchase an h100i Pro RGB Platinum that includes 2 ML120 Pro, and I was planning to purchase 1 more to complete the build.


My idea is this, put the LL fans on top and one on the back. The 3 ML fans on the front along with the radiator.


To control all of this, I need to control RGB on one hand and fan speed on the other.


1) Is it possible to connect all 6 fans to the Node Core that includes the 465X? Considering that they are two different models.


2) The h100i's pump allows up to 4 fans to be connected to control the RPM. Is it possible to get 2 x 3-way splitters and connect each one, to one of the corsair splitter ports? In this way I could connect the LL in one 3-way and the ML in the other.


After much thought, it was the best thing that occurred to me. Any better ideas without having to buy a Commander Pro?

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