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PBT keycaps in ISO-DE or Nordic layout


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I ordered a set of the corsair white PBT keycaps to change the look and feel of my keyboard. I never really liked the standard ABS keycaps as they were a little too shiny or smooth for my taste, and these new ones are great. I, however, live in Northern Europe, and while making the purchase I was already quite certain the set won't include the ö or ä keys commonly used here. After recieving it and putting the keys in place I found that the layout differs quite significantly, which is not a huge issue for me as I've pretty much memorised the key functions by now. At the same time it would be cool if you included extra keys in the PBT set following (for example) the ISO-DE layout which is very similar to the Nordic one. Alternatively you could sell smaller upgrade kits for the rarer layouts (like the nordic). According to my quick math, 10-12 keys would need to be made


As a final piece of feedback, it would be fantastic if you used a "standard" ISO or ANSI layout in your keyboards. Currently I can't order a full keycap set from anywhere else but you due to the non-standard bottom row spacing and button size in use. This coupled with the missing keys for german or nordic layouts means that if one (german or nordic for example) wishes to upgrade their keycaps on a corsair keyboard, they will be forced to either endure having the wrong keys, or switch to a different keyboard manufacturer.

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