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K95 RGB key colors are a bit off.


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Hello people of the forum. I would like to request your help.


I have the original K95 RGB. The CH-9000082-EU.

On certain keys, the colors are a bit off. They change if i change their colors, they are not statically the wrong color, but they are a bit off. This shows up ONLY during color combinations. Meaning that when i try to set BLUE to 255, it displays just like every other key, full brightness. Same goes for green and red. BUT, whenever i make a combination for example yellow, its a bit off. This shows up the most when i set the keys to White, most keys are white except some, for example i remember Insert shows a bit light-blue-ish. Like i said, i don't think this is a hardware issue, since whenever i set red, blue or green to full individually, they show up perfectly. Thank you for your time, awaiting for your response.:laughing:

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